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December 22, 2008

we have a frequent passenger here in our outlet. canadian, very old (60-ish old), white hair, wrinkles all over his face, very nice gentleman and well, loaded with moolahs. :p he will come to our office to buy a ticket to Zurich for the next day just to have lunch with someone and the return flight will be the following day. he once asked me to book a ticket for him to larnaca (cyprus) as soon as possible because he forgot something at his house in cyprus. every weekend, he will usually spend it either in zurich, detroit or larnaca. he pays cash most of the time but for any emergency reservation he will pay by credit card.

when i was new to this outlet, he was being handled by one of my colleagues but soon started buying tickets from me. he would usually come to our outlet with little somethings for me – chocolates, cookies, candies etc. he once bought the whole outlet a lunch when he asked me one day if i had my lunch already and i answered no. my colleagues upon noticing his “extra” cheerfulness towards me started to tease me about having an admirer – a very old one.

i never told them that whenever am doing the evening shift, he will call our office and would always ask me out for dinner and i will always have an excuse and will change the subject and talk about the details of his next flight. unlike the other people who i just bluntly turn down, i could not do it to him since he’s a customer and frankly, he’s one of the nicest ones that we have. out of principle and saving myself from some more teasings from my colleagues, i did not tell them that he once asked me to marry him. i almost fell off my chair at that time while trying to suppress my laughter and gawking.

after several more weeks, he finally realized that he really doesn’t have any chance on me. i have not heard from him and seen him for a couple of weeks and he’s been dealing all his tickets with my colleague thru phone. then the next time i’ve seen him, he had this big grin on his face and immediately went up to my counter and told me with full confidence and conviction – “i have a filipina girlfriend”. he looked like a 5yr old kid who’ve just seen mickey mouse in disneyland. and i told him, “good for you”. i had to ask him the one question that i should not have asked – “how old is she?” and to which his reply was, 22. NICE!!!!!

i don’t know about you, but i would rather be shot dead than be seen walking around with someone who looks like he can be my grandfather and the whole world criticizing me as a gold-digger to which probably will be the only reason why i would do such a thing.

anyway, as i have said… the guy is loaded with moolah. since he had this filipina girlfriend, they have been travelling around the world (oftentimes to the philippines) and met the girl’s family (i wonder if the girl’s father had a heart attack upon seeing his child walking around all lovey-dovey with someone who is probably 40years her senior). anyway, last i’ve heard the guy bought a hotel in boracay and they will be spending christmas and new year in the philippines, just when all the flights are full going to manila, they’re travelling business class all the way.

colleagues are asking me if i ever do feel regret for not entertaining the old guy – absolutely not. i would rather spend the rest of my life as single rather than be seen with someone who’s 40years my senior. just not my cup of tea, and am speaking for myself. :p

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