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June 15, 2010

so i have been keeping myself updated with all the unnecessary things that is happening with the people on my facebook list of friends. seriously, some people get a kick out of telling the whole world about what’s happening to them every single second of their day. some are ridiculously annoying (blocked/deleted them) and some are just plainly amusing (like the one when someone commented on her photo telling her that her boyfriend is sleeping around, nice way to find it out).

anyhow so today is the official school opening in the Philippines and i can’t help but notice my friends’ status updates about all the hype of their kid’s first day at school. this is the status of MOST of my friends which made me feel like i am being left out.

to start off, i’m not even married yet. so having a baby is really not in my short-term plans right now, well not really being religious like it’s against the catholic teachings or anything (as i am definitely not) but i thought that if ever i am going to have a baby then i would need someone else’s financial support aside from mine. heh! God knows i can’t even support myself let alone another human being.

second, the idea of taking care of another person, you know getting up early to prepare breakfast/lunch to which i need to keep in mind that it needs to be healthy and tasty to be called a “great mom” tires me already just by thinking about it.

third, i hate kids. they annoy the bejesus out of me. as of this very moment, i have no plans of even having one. i’d rather have a dog.

so having said all those things, i think i will settle on looking at my “mom friends'” status on facebook and relive a totally different life thru them. but i can’t help but think: what if the maternal instinct kicks in by the time that i am 40 and i can never have a baby anymore? or what if i did have a baby by 40? then i will have to work my ass off until i’m about 60 to finish her off to college (i’m just having one child and yes, it’s a girl) while all my friends are all retirees and are on a cruise ship somewhere in the caribbean. ooooopf! i hope this maternal thing kicks in by next year so i can still join my friends at that carribean cruise when we’re all 60 and rotting.

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