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Jules Bar @ Meridien Village Al Garhoud

November 15, 2010

this bar was the very first bar i went to when i was new here in dubai and i have been a frequent customer since then. so it is rather mindblogging for me as to why it’s only now that i’m doing a review of this bar.

me and the boyfriend went here last night for dinner. it was actually him who suggested that we go to jules bar:

MI: so where do you want to go tonight?
THE BOYFRIEND: somewhere near
MI: we can go to wafi or le meridien. you choose!
THE BOYFRIEND: let’s go to jules bar in le meridien and order crispy pata and sizzling sisig. i will ask them to make it extra spicy
MI: ok!

well, the boyfriend loves the filipino gastronomical, high-blood-causing, cholesterol-inducing treats.

without further ado……

the ambience: the al fresco seating area is great if you don’t mind the double-apple shisha scent mustifying (??) the place. last night, the weather was perfect for outdoor dining. in fact, it was a little chilly for me. it was a dry night last night so there was no band as well which just adds up to the already relaxed atmosphere. but don’t me wrong, the bands playing here are all FANTASTIC! so i really wouldn’t mind if they were playing last night.

inside is a totally different story though. there’s an area for normal people who are there to have a good time and there’s an area for people who are “looking” for a good time outside the walls of this bar. yes, it’s flanked with “working girls” and dirty old men. so you really have to be careful where you’ll be standing, it’s actually not really hard as rocket science to figure out that the area near the bar is where business agreements are being held. so just try to stay away from that part. 🙂

staff: are helpful, efficient and well-versed in their menu. the waiter even asked me if i wanted “rice” along with the crispy pata and sizzling sisig that we ordered. haha! knowing i’m a filipino, i eat rice with anything. i can even eat rice with rice. 🙂

service: was absolutely great! all the staff are attentive and the service was fast.

food: is true to its taste – authentic Filipino cuisine. if i’m not mistaken, they are also serving mexican dish but i never really give much thought about it as i usually go to the last few pages of the menu where all the Filipino meals are at. the crispy pata was well… CRISPY! (served with soy sauce and vinegar and Mang Tomas YUM!) and the sizzling sisig was well… sizzling! :p

price: was a bit expensive though. for 3 glasses of softdrinks, 1 crispy pata, 1 sizzling sisig, 1 big bottle of water – i paid AED145 (that is, after i gave them my entertainer voucher so the sizzling sisig went for free). but without the voucher, it may have cost me AED190. but anyway, we ate pork in a muslim country. i’ve no idea how much this restaurant pay as tax to the customs everytime they smuggle the pork in the country. so i can’t really complain on that right? besides, it’s all worth the penny anyway. 🙂

rating: id’ give it 10 out of 10, because they’ve perfected the crispy pata! :p for all the non-filipino, non-muslim with no heart diseases readers out there: YOU’VE GOT TO TRY THE CRISPY PATA! (pork leg, deep-fried to perfection)

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  • Reply Typeone February 10, 2016 at 11:43

    When was the last time you’ve been in jules bar aside from your story.

  • Reply nadamohammed April 30, 2013 at 11:57

    I was looking for a review for Jules bar and I found your link! I’ve been craving Mexican food for a while and I’m looking for a good place with a nice ambiance. Do let me know if you have any suggestions 😉

    • Reply Pinay Flying High April 30, 2013 at 12:05

      I haven’t tried the mexican food in jules ‘coz we go there for the filipino dishes that they have (which are all amazing!!!). What about the maria bonita?

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