Joyride – The Freakshow

What would you do when the driver of the public bus you took suddenly asks everyone inside the bus if somebody knows the way to your destination?

a.) your jaw will drop in amazement
b.) you will attack the driver and kill him by hitting him with a hardbound book that you were reading
c.) you will laugh out loud

I did letters A and C.

I am dead serious it happened to me yesterday. As soon as the bus got out of the Rashidiya bus station and we were already approaching a T-junction (left towards Dubai, right towards Sharjah) the driver suddenly turned around and asked us, his passengers which way to take. I was sitting behind him and was freaked out by his question, buried my face in the book that I was reading and laughed uncontrollably. From that moment on, I knew that it was going to be the weirdest ride in my life – and so it was.

The freak show begins:

So the passengers were literally giving directions to the driver, no sh*t! It was hilarious. The words “Right”, “Left”, “Straight” said in unison by the passengers will be heard all throughout the 2hour (which became 3hour) ride. I couldn’t be upset nor hysterical because, well apart from the fact that I can’t do anything about it anymore, it’s just the weirdest thing I’ve ever encountered in Dubai. A driver who doesn’t know where to go, I mean how the hell did he get the job????

So after an hour of giving directions, the bus fell silent as the road was just a straight one headed to Dhaid. But then, another Indian guy got up and approached the driver, talked to him in Hindi in a very low voice. Suddenly, the driver stopped the bus and the Indian family got out of it. The kid needed to poop and he did his business behind a bush in the middle of the desert – CLASSIC!!!!! We were already 1hr behind schedule, so no sweat! Take your freaking time to poop out all the candies you were eating at the start of this journey. Moving on, approaching Dhaid with its roundabouts, the bus was filled once again with a chorus of LEFT, RIGHT, STRAIGHT directions to the driver from the passengers. I thought these kinds of incident can only happen in a Mr. Bean show or something. Har har har.

At the end of the journey, all us passengers heaved a sigh of relief as we approached the Fujeira bus station and went on our own separate ways. Some were cursing at the driver when they got out but most of us just found it hilarious. I can’t even find a reason to call up RTA and file a complaint about it – I’ll just leave it be.

That was, by far, the freakiest ride I’ve ever had – and I have no intention to have one of those ever again.


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