It’s our second year! Yippeeee!

Has it been that long? Most people asked when I posted a Facebook status about our 2nd year anniversary. The boyfriend is not really a “let’s-celebrate-it’s-our-freaking-anniversary-can-you-honestly-believe-that?” kind of guy. In fact, I do believe that he vomits inside his mouth whenever I tease him and greet him a happy anniversary the past weekend. We of course had dinner at an Italian restaurant at Metropolitan Hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road but not a celebratory one – just a normal dinner we usually have on weekends. The boyfriend however found the “anniversary” thing a good excuse to order white wine along with our pasta and pizza. Hehehe. 🙂

To tell you honestly, I don’t really know the exact date of our anniversary. All I know is, I met him 2 years ago a week before I went to Cairo for a trip. The Cairo trip was the second week of June (according to my blog records) so I just declared that the whole first week of June will be considered as an anniversary. 🙂

Since I moved here to Dubai, this is by far – the longest relationship I’ve ever been in. Well ok, let me rephrase that: this is the ONLY relationship I’ve ever been in. I am no relationship guru and I do believe that everything is tangible and will never last (yes, I’m a pessimistic freak show like that) that’s why I take real good pride that we’ve lasted this long – 2 years! Woot woot! And mind you, in the 2 years that we’ve been together – we haven’t really had a fight – except for the occasional tantrums that I throw in to spice up our relationship a bit (which normally lasts 30mins the longest) – we really haven’t had any serious misunderstandings or arguments. I’ve no idea why. Maybe because he gives me no reason to be mad and vice versa? Maybe we’re just really this two cool individuals who doesn’t get all puppy-eyed with each other and still have our own separate identities intact and lives our own separate lives? Not sure about that but the fact of the matter is, we’ve survived 2 years of just seeing each other on weekends (these days it’s every other weekend) since he’s living in a different emirate. I guess the distance between us served a good purpose – a really good one. As we would have been fed up seeing each other’s faces every single day otherwise.

The boyfriend told me in between munching a huge bite of pizza the thing that he really likes about me: I don’t nag. Haha! It may come as a huge surprise for all of you because I might have given you an impression of myself as the biggest time b*tch BUT the boyfriend states otherwise. It’s either that or the boyfriend had psychotic ex-girlfriends and my nagging doesn’t surpass nor comes close to the naggings of the ex’s?

I am happy. Seriously, I am. His is the voice which calms me down and makes me feel better at the end of a stressful day at work. The weekend that he’s coming over is one of the very few things that I look forward to every single day. He says all the silliest things you can ever imagine which make me realize that I’m not the most stupid person on earth – it’s both of us. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel lucky for finding one of the rarest species on earth – a good man. 🙂

Happy anniversary dummy!!!!! Mmmmmwah!


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