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it’s a ladies’ night!

June 8, 2008

so my migas finally visited me here in Dubai. a 4-hr stopover before heading to their respective vacay spots which i arranged as well. (hint! hint! hint! business ventures…. am a travel agent, anybody who wants some good vacays, contact me. philippines is my forte of course, add to that the neighboring countries. :p)

so, carissa – the ballerina turned housewife is headed to seychelles. mica, the writer/drama queen is headed to bali, indonesia. both residing now in europe, both were friends from ballet school. both ultra gorgeous species. both DIVA! if you think am a diva, wait till you see them. haha!

carissa with her louis vuitton suitcases screamed at the top of her lungs upon seeing myself slumped on the couch of costa at the airport “MIGA!!!!!!!!!!!”. while mica in matching pastel-colored outfit and suitcases is busy talking on the phone with her editor (i bet my whole life on it that it’s her editor she’s talking to) and gave me a wide grin and mouthed “you look hot!” with a wink as a bonus. they reminded me of barbie dolls and suddenly i thought to myself – whoever said “birds of the same feather flock together” is a total imbecile. i am not like them. they’re too…… girly. but i love these girls since day one. belonging to the high profile society, they have never rubbed it in my face that am a nobody compared to them. ironically, they made me feel like a queen whenever am with them. haha.

so after carissa’s monologue about the emirates’ business class cabin crew who pissed her off (i pity the cabin crew, whoever you are… please don’t spit on her food on her way back hehe, she’s really a nice person when she’s sleeping… she can be a bitch at times, but really! she has her angel moments from time to time. :p) the attention was all on me.

car: so anybody interesting here in dubai?

mica: yeah, any hotsies? care to share?

mimi: nahhhhhh nada.

(Quiet, silence, 4 round eyes glued on me, 3, 2, 1… it registers….)

car: what do you mean nada?

mimi: nada – zilch – zero – nothing

car: seriously???? what do you mean nada???? miga!!!! you can’t have nada here.

mica: maybe you should wear one of those black cloths, guys probably dig it here. oh f*ck come on!!!! (as her phone rang once more)

so while mica’s talking once again to her editor, car fired the bullets away

car: how long have you been here? almost a year right? what are you saying you have nada? are you going out? you should go out! or you’ll stay nada all your life. enough about that drama about bars/clubs not a good place to meet people. have you heard of nathalie? she met someone at a bar when she was in london and now they’re getting married.

mica: who’s getting married? (as she puts her phone in silent, this girl loves me. putting her phone in silent is an ultimate sacrifice for her)

car: nathalie remember???????

mica: oh yeah! and the dude’s a catch, if you’re just after good genes. just don’t ask intellectual questions to him….. where is he from anyway?

and with this remark, i was already clutching on the armrest of the chair am sitting on to keep me from falling while i laugh my ass off…

car: nevermind! the important thing is, they met, they’re happy and getting married. so back to you, what in the world are you saying nada for?

mimi: well, there is this one guy….

and with just that one phrase, a lot of sentences were fired my way… i couldn’t actually decipher if those were questions or statements as it was too many and both girls were talking both at the same time.

oh yeah? really? where is he from? what does he do? is he living in dubai? how tall is he? where did you meet?

mimi: ladies!!!!!! calm down….. am i going to tell the story or are you going to get ahead of yourselves????

4 inquisitive eyes, lips were shut….. so i went ahead with my story…..

mimi: well, there is this one guy….. i met him at ………… he was really …………… so it was like that for ………… then we always ………….. but then he will always say …………………….. so i ………………… i thought it was ……………….. but then again ……. i was very very …………….. when i ……………. but what can i ….? so now…………. just when ………………. so anyways, that’s the story.

car: waste of time. does alex know about this?

alex, as we all know is a big brother for all of us. protecting his little sisters all the time from possible predators. he’s standing 6 foot 3 with a body of a builder, so he can very well do his bodyguard impersonation very well.

mimi: of course he does.

mica: alright alright, ladies let’s get ahead of ourselves now. we have to act on it. mimi, you’ve been single for a long time now. you got the dry spell, we have to break it. let’s see, what do you really want now mimi?

i felt like i was in an episode of sex and the city. mica will definitely be carrie as she’s a writer as well. car will be the timid-on-the-outside-wild-cat-on-the-inside charlotte. so that leaves samantha and miranda to me. none of the two characters fit me, so i remain a televiewer, watching the girls talk non-stop. bitch on each other, give advices to me, filling me in to what is happening to their lives now once in a while, but generally – making a list of the things i would like (as what they have concluded all on their own without even asking me) for in a guy. they are such girls!!! i love them! hahaha. they remind me of my feminine side whenever am with them.

so, the final work is:


* must be at least 5″10′ in height

* with a body like Will Smith in I Am Legend (hahahahahahahaahahahahaha. this got me laughing too hard that i actually snorted on the hot chocolate i was drinking)

* must have a decent, legal job

* must be able to dance

* must be at least 6-10 years older, no more no less

* must act his age

* must love to travel

* must be able to eat balot, sisig, dinuguan and all the other filipino delicacies

* must know how to have a good time

* must not have a 2-digit IQ and an attitude to match with it

* must be able to converse well in english

* must smell nice

* must not be a drunkard

* must be responsible

* must love kids

* must know the way around the house, jack of all trades (mica apparently finds it sexy to see a guy fixing the sink hahahaha weird but true)

* must be a true gentleman

* must have at least 1 year experience (now i don’t know where this came from or what they are referring to….)

so…. that was the list of what am looking for in a man as per mica’s and car’s point of view.

after spilling coffee all over mica’s jeans, after all the stories told, after all the gossips exchanged and after all the hugs and kisses given to each other, we called it a night. or rather, the airport attendants were already calling their names on the PA system for the final boarding announcement. hahaha. 4hrs really isn’t enough for 3 girls to catch up. for the record, we haven’t seen each other for 2 years now…. so we got ourselves a decent excuse. :p

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