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July 17, 2010

when some people you know copies your blog. i mean, i’m all ok if you want to start your own blogsite or whatever but for the love of all that matters to us, don’t copy mine. create your own way of writing, have your own style and most importantly try to have your own personality and don’t pretend that we are of the same rare species – because we’re absolutely not (trust me, you wouldn’t want to be like me… my stupidity is beyond your non-existent imagination). anyway, it just really ticks me off everytime i see someone writing something and you’ll see that they’re using your exact phrases (it’s more like a paragraph copied and pasted it in parts on their blogs) and even words that you made up at every chance they get. anyway, it’s one of my pet peeves because i’m not even a real writer, why copy me? there are a lot of other “quotable” blog-writers out there so leave me alone. (to whom this may concern, if you think i’m talking about you then you’re probably right)

enough of that, earlier this afternoon, i got a call from the supervisor telling me that my clients who are bound to Munich today called her up to tell her that they forgot their vouchers and etickets. so the supervisor was asking me what hotel were they (yes dear friends, they are a family traveling around europe for 1 month and they don’t have any of the vouchers that i gave them) staying in in Munich so we can advise the hotel that the passengers are checking in without the vouchers. and because i have a memory of a goldfish, i had no idea what hotel it was and the funny part was, the passengers don’t have the slightest hint as well as to which hotels were they supposed to stay at in each city that they are going in this month-long vacation of theirs (Munich, Prague, Amsterdam and Paris). so with no other choice, i went to our office (on a friday, my only off for the week) and called the hotel and the car hire company to advise them that these passengers are coming in without the vouchers. both suppliers told me that they MUST have those vouchers for billing purposes, so sent it thru email and fax. i mean seriously, what kind of people forgets the vouchers for their trips? call me OC, but whenever i travel, i will have all the vouchers in a specific order that i’m supposed to use them (etickets, transfers, hotel vouchers, day tour vouchers etc…….). oh well, the only problem now is, i couldn’t reach their mobile phones anymore when i finally got to the office (they’re already up in the air and because they took Etihad instead of Emirates, they couldn’t use their phones during the flight) so they have no clue whatsoever as to which hotel they’re supposed to go when they arrive in Munich. and if they don’t show up today, the hotel will cancel the whole reservation charging them of the whole week stay as their no-show cancellation policy. in lieu with all these stupidity, i am now fighting the urge to sleep because i am expecting these passengers to call me tonight to ask where are they supposed to go in munich. the flight arrives 2255hrs (dxb time) in Munich so by the time they finish with the airport procedures, it’ll be 2330. 15 more minutes from now….. i hope they call now so i can finally sleep…….

i’m tired….. they’re stupid….

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  • Reply sam July 17, 2010 at 10:40

    life sucks but you’re doing great. hehehe

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