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June 7, 2008

you came from good people in the philippines, you are slightly different.. always popular.. but a little different. your stars are altered.. you are not afraid of chances. you follow guys/love. you ended in dubai after a road travel. an interesting one. you now getting out of your box there. you are kind of a bad girl, with your original honegrown values. you have had at least 2 very bad hurtful relationships. you finally feel like a predator rather than a prey.

– that’s how Usher (not his real name, yeah yeah!) described me in a nutshell. some are true, some are not. go figure!

anyways…. so, came across someone today. probably a blog reader as well, so……. can’t talk much about it. hehehehehe. secrets!

not really in the mood to write. it’s the same old routine. woke up, took a bath, went to work, answered emails, answered calls, dealt with walk-in passengers, had lunch, answered emails again, answered calls again, dealt with walk-in passengers again, went to the gym (oh wow! yey! i went to the gym today!!!!), took a bus ride home (which was incredibly not a long wait at the bus stand), went to the grocery but changed my mind after seeing the long queue at the cashier, went to the flat, watched TV, turned on my laptop and voila!!!!! here i am, blogging away.

i need something to somehow break the routine. i miss Jules, my crazy friend back home who will always say “ok” if you ask her if she can go out with you on an impromptu beer-drinking contest. by the way, i just thought about it now, i don’t have a picture of me and jules together. crap!!! i miss the SMC, friends from highschool. yes ladies and gentlemen, we still do keep in touch after all these years. they’re one of my precious precious friends. :p i miss christian, the loud transvestite who’s got the attention span of a 2yr old and never ever fails to make me laugh. 

oh well……… am nearing my first year anniversary here in dubai. can’t believe it!  seems to me, life in dubai is on a fast-forward phase. can’t seem to catch up at times.

so far so good, anyway…. the man on the below pic does have a look-alike at the gym….

sans the fishing rod and the backpack. am not going to the gym just to check-out guys, mind you all…. believe me! i have a very bad eyesight that i can’t recognize a face 20 steps away from me. but as i was doing crunches, he walked in front of me and used the equipment beside me. and i was like – gaaaaaaadddddddddddd….. so anyways, i went to another equipment (am sorry, i don’t know what those equipments are called… don’t even know if they have names). then after a few minutes of pulling down that metal rod, guess who sat beside the same equipment am using and started pulling the metal rods as well. the look alike!!! i bet you didn’t see it coming….

then afterwards, i went home. hahahaha! what a boring life i lead….

la la land…… zzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….

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