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inter-racial relationships

May 27, 2008

Panchito (not his real name) and his six-year-old son boarded the elevator in their building. There were two other passengers on the lift: a middle-aged Australian and his young Filipina wife. The Australian was a friendly sort-he looked at Panchito’s son and boomed, “Hello! How old are you?””I’m six,” the little boy replied.

“You’re too big to be a six-year-old!” the friendly Australian said.

“You’re too old to have a yaya (nanny),” the little boy said.

Panchito was unable to take note of the Australian’s reaction, or that of his wife. He was too busy looking for an elevator shaft he could throw himself into.

Source: Jessica Zafra’s blog


am sorry, but it did amuse me. i should be offended but i am, like the little boy, curious as well with that. not saying another word about it anymore. but i laughed so hard as i read that. well, kids say the darnest things. but yeah, caucasians normally don’t have a (aherm) beauty queens for girlfriends or wives (by our standards). but hey! not here to judge anyone, just out of curiousity i asked (yes, dear friends… i asked) one of my caucasian friends when i was still in the philippines while we were having coffee – why do caucasian guys go for “exotic” looking ladies? the answer was: exotic is erotic. i rolled on the floor when i  heard the answer. then he suddenly said, “look who’s talking, you are exotic too… in a classy kind of way”. i didn’t know how i would take the comment – compliment or ????. whatever, i let it be.

so yeah, when i was still in the philippines… i never and i mean NEVER walk beside any of my caucasian friends. ‘coz i know how some people can be too judgmental….

anyways, leave it. the blog entry somehow made me lose my focus on what am feeling right now. thus, our word for the day.

SAKIT – hurt

masakit – it hurts!

nasasaktan ako – i am hurting.

feels like someone is literally wringing my innards, stomach in disarray. this is the hardest part. pretending you’re fine when it’s the absolute opposite of it.

anyway, here’s a conclusion:

milk can do better than beer to give you a peaceful sleep at night…..

(sans the ache inside)


the sulken princess….

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