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June 29, 2008

i blog about things which doesn’t make much sense. really. so now i have thought to totally discard this blog of mine, where people know who i am and focus on the other blog account where i write anonymously under a pen name of ……… what? you really thought am gonna say that? anyway, am having second thoughts now if blogging on this account is smart. the consequences of of having my feelings/thoughts spilled out in a public blog where anonymous people can read it or worst yet – the people am talking about. vulnerable to a chance to know the truth/lies/dilemma/heartaches bla bla bla. am such a girl. well anyway, i have always suffered from perpetual case of verbal diarhea eversince i learned how to write. so……. after reading what i have just written – am clueless as well to what am trying to say on this blog. anyway, if you do come by to this blog, just laugh at me and shush your little mouth.

Rant 1: i am wishing for a romance like that of……. nicholas sparks (sans the endings wherein the lead characters always end up dead) novels. i certainly hope “he” can look at me like that of the lead men characters towards the lead women characters in his novels. oh well, i think i can play the men role better than any of the men i know. haha!

Rant 2: get a grip! to him, you’re nothing. you don’t even exist. he just remembers you whenever he needs you….. sad sad sad life, but that’s your life. he’s unaware of the fact that it’s him that you think of at night, clueless that you always give yourself a pat on the shoulder if you have survived a day of not communicating with him, that for you it is in itself an accomplishment, he doesn’t know that it hurts you to see that he’s all doing just fine without you as part of his day, clueless of the fact that you miss him more than anything else. do you dare tell him all these?????

Rant 3: am tired of 6 days of work per week. i think am about to die now. i need a breather…….

Rant 4: before starting all these workouts with the trainor, i weighed  (drum roll please) 57.somethingkg last february. after just 5 months of working out, i weighed (again, drum roll please….) 58.something kg. WTF????? i should have just stayed away from the gym. anyways, so after doing the training with my trainor now – i, again gained weight. i gained .02 kg. WTF is wrong with the picture??????? somebody please explain it to me. pilot said that because am getting muscles now, i will really gain weight. but weight shouldn’t matter, it’s the BMI i should be more concerned about. what is my BMI??? i don’t have the least idea. don’t ask me.  anyway, favorite workout is after the workout. my trainor gives me back massage while he goes on and on and on about something and i, on the other hand, is half listening and half sleeping. you gotta love a trainor who gives you back massage after saddistically making you sweat, pant and ache all over your body. alright perverts, get your minds out of the gutter.

Rant 5: so am on a tight budget now and on a diet. hehehehe. will i ever survive this month??? (laughs at self as i was so close to taking money out of the savings earlier)

Rant 6: i can no longer upload pictures here in wordpress. i wonder why.

Rant 7: Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxer who “always” brings glory to the country, won yet again against the David Diaz, mexican. Somebody told me that Mexicans hate Filipinos because of PAcquiao, most popularly known as PACman – for he beats all his opponents like there’s no tomorrow. Anyway, am tired of this news. Am no longer excited to a Pacman fight for it is always the same ending. Philippine flag wins over the Mexicans. I hope he lose next time – and I know that by typing that last statement i am surely cursed at by the avid Pacquiao fans. Just for fun. :p

Yeah, need to go.

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