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October 25, 2009

so the birthday has come and gone and many of you might be wondering why i have not said much about it (normally, i will be typing like a monster as soon as i laid my back on my bed on a friday afternoon after the bf drops me home from a usually good weekend) but the thing is, am sick. i was sick before, during and after my birthday. yeah, i don’t look sick on the photos of my 26th but it’s all make-up. :p

am feeling fever-ish for the last 6 days now – i feel hot (temperature), i get chills in the evening, my whole body is aching like hell, i have a stiff neck and am feeling oh so weak. it feels like my bones are going to collapse out of my body any moment now as i type this entry.

i asked my supervisor if i can take the day off for today since i really cannot imagine myself sitting in front of my computer making reservations for some irrate people while my whole body is aching – unless they want me to punch those people on the face. but she told me i can come in at 4 in the afternoon since she could not find a replacement for me to do the evening shift. so with a sour face, i went in the office at 3:45 pm smelling like a balm or whatever it is that my roomate gave me to put on my back to ease the ache. it works though…

so about my birthday, it was ok. not a blast (such a shame coz it is my actual birthday) because i don’t know, it seems like all the people who came were tired (including myself). and the mojito was absolutely horrible. we went to barasti which was all too different for me now (they’ve put up a liberty statue at the pool side for whatever idiotic reasons they may have – it ruined the whole atmosphere) and they already have a dancefloor right on the beach (which i think is cool) and they also have a stage and a DJ is playing live music. nice nice nice! but the mojito was messed up that night, it doesn’t taste a bit like it even. and here i was, always telling the whole wide world that the best mojitos are sold in barasti – i take it back at least for that night and for the bar downstairs to where we purchased it from. but price-wise it still is the cheapest (AED42 for mojitos and AED28 for the beer).

anyway, for my birthday i got some really cool gifts:
1. the hooded jacket
2. the issey miyake perfume
3. the flowers
4. the burjuman gift certificate (yahoo!)
5. the patchi chocolate box
6. the crisis-version cake from zaatar (pure win!)

moving on, the next day we went to Sammach restaurant at souq al bahar mainly because we were hypnotized by the good seafood smell as we passed by it. later on, we would figure out that it was such a wrong move. the idea of the restaurant was to pick out your choice of seafood from their “fresh market” inside and tell the staff how you want it to be cooked. i wanted a steamed big prawns and the boyfriend wanted a fried fish (i have no idea how the fish was called) but we were able to order after about 15minutes of standing in front of the chaotic market they have inside. the waiters were confused about the orders, people around us were complaining about their food not yet being served to them after 30mins of waiting, some waiters were fighting with the cooks for not cooking the food the way the customer wants it and the list goes on and on and on….

finally our food was served and it was not very good (at least for my filipino taste). the prawns were not fresh and well, they don’t know how to eat prawns properly.

Eating prawns the Filipino way 101:

1. prawns must have a dipping sauce – it can be as simple as a vinegar and chopped garlic OR vinegar, chopped garlic, soy sauce, OR vinegar, soy sauce OR just plain vinegar.

2. it is best paired with steamed rice

3. it is best eaten with your hands


anyhow, i ate the prawns with my hands but didn’t enjoy it with all those fancy sauces they offered. by the time we finished our food – i was full but not satisfied. a filipino waiter came to us with another order of fried fish and i politely told him that we didn’t order that, still he put it on our table. so i told him again, “we didn’t order that” and the waitress who was serving us (and very nice) told the filipino waiter that we were done eating and that he should not have put that on our table since i already said that it was not our order. the filipino waiter screamed at her in response, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ALL THE CUSTOMERS.

i kept saying FILIPINO waiters because they were all, well Filipinos and really very rude. 2 waiters were gossiping right beside me about how i must be digging gold from my boyfriend’s pocket. little do they know, i paid for that overpriced lunch as a treat for him ‘coz he already spent a lot for me the previous night. i was not in the mood to run my motor mouth at them so i just let it pass. besides, who are they to have my time and energy wasted?

so the verdict? i’ll give barasti another shot since it usually wasn’t as boring as how it was that night and am still standing on my ground that they do serve the best mojitos (we just ordered it from the wrong person :p) and as for Sammach the outdoor ambience was good, the waiters were relatively rude and combine them all including the manager – they were a bunch of amateurs, except for our lady server, i’d be a fool if i ever set my foot back there, but i’ve heard their branch at the beach center and dubai creek are both great. see review here.

happy 26th!

happy 26th!

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