We watched a play last night entitled Impropera at Madinat Theater. Had a big laugh, well I laugh at almost anything but this was something else. I swear if it wasn’t for the quite posh venue that I was in last night, I would have rolled on the floor and might have died laughing.

Too bad we missed the first act, that was because we were going round and round Jumeirah trying to figure out how to get to Madinat. Of course I was with “the pilot” again. Who else? :p It’s so frustrating to see from afar the building that you intend to go to but for whatever reason, you always end up on a dead-end road and you have to go back to that road again where you’ve started. Haha!

But I must say, I admire the pilot’s ability to keep his cool even if he doesn’t have any clue of where he’s going. Whenever we pass by a familiar road, so familiar ‘coz we have just passed by it minutes ago and I look over at him – I see him in his usually calm state – blissful ignorance as what he calls.

Anyway, we managed to get to Madinat just in time for the second act. The girl in the box office had a confused look when we asked for our tickets, well who wouldn’t have a confused look on these two total dorks who will show up to watch a play which have started 45mins ago? It was all worth it though.

The title of the play was “Impropera” which literally means “improvised opera”. No need to explain it further. Actors were all good and quick-witted. Can’t say anything else but thanks to the pilot for taking me there. I had a good time, specially going home – we ended up in Sharjah instead of Deira. Spent another 20mins figuring out how to get back on the right track. How did we end up there? Don’t ask.


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