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I’m getting old….

June 18, 2010

yesterday at work was hell, well actually it has been that way since the month of June started. it’s the peak season now and everybody’s trying to get out of town before this little place burn in a 50 degree heat, well that’s everybody except for us, travel agents. with the high demand of work, we’re generally not allowed (as much as possible) to take our annual leaves during these days.

so well anyway, yesterday one of my frequent passengers came in and asked his daughter to stay with me inside the office while he gets some cash from the bank. as many of you know, i’m not very good with kids and an 8-yr old kid staring weirdly at me while i try to keep up with work gives me the creeps. it’s a good thing though that her father asked me to make a request to the airline of an Asian Vegetarian Meal for all their flights, so i got an excuse to not stare at her back or make an effort to talk to her. as i was finishing the request, the little girl, out of nowhere told me this line: “you’re so pretty, i want to be just like you when i grow old”. my tongue curled up against my throat and i suddenly lost my voice, i managed to give a sound like a grunt though as a reply. but the little girl kept staring like that grunt isn’t enough, so i finally managed to say: “thank you! you little b*tch!!!!” but of course, sans the last 3 words.

so she wants to be like me when she grows OLD, truly kids nowadays say the b*tchiest things.

oh crap! I’m old!!!!!!!

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