Iftar at Na3Na3 in The Address Dubai Mall

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

I was invited to attend the iftar at Na3Na3 in The Address Dubai Mall yesterday together with some of the Bloggers In The City. I of course tagged my fasting friend along with me, Jacqui. That was the second iftar invite that I’ve received and it’s only the first week, a good start of Ramadan for me I must say. 🙂

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Na3Na3 is at the lobby of The Address Dubai Mall, Arabic decor filled the place to fit the Ramadan atmosphere. They do have an outdoor seating which looks promising but of course it was closed due to the summer season. We were led to a table with the view of the fountain outside, it’s probably not as great as the Dubai fountain but it’s good enough as a view.




The iftar buffet spread in Na3Na3 was of wide variety. From the salads to the live cooking station as well as desserts – they had plentiful choices to offer. I ended my fast (yes, I was also fasting that day) with a very tasty and very meaty (seafood) clam chowder soup and a plateful of all sorts of salad.

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

After filling up with salads, I went to the live cooking station and filled my plate with mostly meat! Arabic cuisine is famous for its grilled meat and the ones in Na3Na3 definitely did not disappoint my growling stomach. A special mention to their ouzi is required. Ouzi is a baked lamb with spiced rice and the highlight of every iftar meal. The ouzi in Na3Na3 is to die for! It was so juicy and extremely tasty. I had to exert Herculian efforts to stop myself from going back for another portion of it. It was so good that thinking about it now made me hungry. Althroughout the meal, an Arabic guy handing out Arabic tea was going around the restaurant which I think made the whole experience so special. The service was great and the servers were attentive.

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Na3Na3 at The Address Dubai Mall

Priced at AED195 per person, it really is worth it with the quality of the food you will get and the service you will receive.

The Address Dubai Mall
Iftar Buffet: AED195 per person
From sunset to 9:30pm
For reservations: 04888344


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  • Ali January 8, 2019 at 19:19

    People gather here from all around the world and enjoy their journey, but the best thing during Ramazan(Muslim month for fasting) at Iftar time you can not stop yourself by tasting everything.

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