Ice Skating at the Washington Harbour Ice Rink

Washington Harbour Ice Rink

This holiday season, where do you go for ice skating if you’re in DC area? That was my question a few weeks back and found that the Washington Harbour Ice Rink is the place to go which is considered DC’s largest outdoor ice skating rink. At 11,800 square feet it’s actually bigger than New York’s Rockefeller Center rink.

Apart from being a world-class ballerina, another dream of mine when I was a kid was to be a professional ice skater. I was a huge fan of Michelle Kwan and Tara Lapinski, as a kid they were both my heroes. Fast forward a few decades later, I finally got to try out ice skating last Sunday. Yes, it took decades for me to live the dream of being in an ice skating rink. Suffice to say, it’s too late for me to learn how to turn or glide in an arabesque position as I can’t even balance myself for 5 full seconds with those ice skates on. Bummer!

Washington Harbour Ice Rink

Washington Harbour Ice Rink

We went to the Washington Harbour Ice Rink, a favorite spot of mine in DC. During winter, they convert the dancing fountain into an ice rink which gives you a magnificent view of the harbor as you skate. The ice skate rental fee was USD5.00 but to use the rink itself you’ll have to pay USD10.00 for adult and USD9.00 for children. My 5-year old nephew didn’t want to skate at first as he’s afraid of any activities which might hurt him, he’s a bit weird for a 5-year old boy I know. After seeing the rink and the children happily gliding about, he changed his mind and started telling me that he’s going to be the best ice skater and I’ll be the worst.

Together with my rented skates, I’ve put my brave face on and went on the rink. It was too slippery, I didn’t know it was going to be THAT slippery. I didn’t let go of the rail the whole time I was there, afraid of falling face forward and losing a tooth or falling backwards and breaking a bone. I was sweating the whole time I was in the rink due to stress probably. If I wasn’t holding the rail, I’d be having my very own penguin to help me navigate the rink. The penguin of course is just for kids. My nephew and sister on the other hand wasn’t able to stay in the rink for more than 5 minutes even with the penguin. My nephew later said with tears in his eyes “I’m never going to be a great ice skater!”

It was a fun day at Washington Harbour Ice Rink nevertheless. So fun that I thought I’d create a video of it. I’m not very familiar yet with gopro settings and video editing so this is definitely an amateur one. 🙂


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