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November 13, 2013

I wasn’t able to sleep well last night as I had ideas popping out of my head every few minutes about the FIESTA FOR A CAUSE event. The response that I received from people is extremely overwhelming and now, I am quite worried about it. You see, I have never done these kind of things. I’ve never planned any event, well that’s apart from my birthday (lol) but I’ve never really done something as HUGE as this. Well, I think it’s kind of stupid of me for not expecting that a lot of people would want to come – I am surrounded by extremely good-hearted people after all who’d like to help. So my first problem is the crowd, Rosso Amore Restaurant’s capacity is 40-50 people dining in. They will try to get an approval to have tables outside of the restaurant as an al fresco option just for that day. I’m not particularly sure how many people will come at once but the event has been widely publicized and shared by my awesome friends so I don’t really know anymore how many people knows it and are planning to come. Do you have any advice? I don’t want people to go to the event and find out that they can’t sit anywhere.

Also, I will need volunteers:

1. Someone to sell the tickets at the door during the event, there should always be two people manning that at a time. Since I’d like to be as transparent as I can specially with regards to the money that we’ll be able to raise, a log book is needed to register the names of the guests. Just so we can keep track how many people came and also to thank each and every one who came afterwards. 🙂

2. Someone to receive the donations from people. I probably need at least 4 at a time for this, two will receive the donations and the other two will start packing it.

3. Someone to help out with waitressing. Rosso Amore Restaurant will be fully staffed during the event but of course they will also need to manage the kitchen. Job description? Just clean up after the customers – bring the dirty dishes to the kitchen, wipe the tables and that’s about it. Since it’s a buffet, we don’t really need someone to take orders.

If you are willing to volunteer for any of the above, please send me your name, the time that you’re willing to do it and your mobile number. Send it to me thru email please: pinayflyinghigh@gmail.com

Thank you! 🙂

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