I did it!!!!

I am probably frolicking around the town of Disneyland right about now (writing this 3 days before the trip just to keep the blog rolling while I’m having a fab time with Mickey and Miney) and with me, when I boarded that massive aircraft of A380 was a carry-on bag. For a 2 weeks worth of winter clothes. Yes, you read that right! Two weeks! Now if that doesn’t make me the lightest packer (women division) in human history, then tell me who’s got that title and I’ll beat her up to death (too much The Walking Dead episodes in my head).

I was so sure a few days ago that I will have to borrow the boyfriend’s suitcase for this trip:


However, just imagining myself hauling that monstrous size of a suitcase from one train to another makes me tired already. You see, I’m just not staying in Disneyland Paris for the trip. I’m going to explore some other cities and I can’t be lugging that humongous suitcase around the cobbled streets of Lyon (yes, I’m also going to Lyon). So with all the skills that I have acquired from previous trips, I decided to fit everything in the pink carry-on bag by hook or by crook. And you know what? I did it!!!!


How did I do it?

Well for starters, I picked all the winter clothes that I have (not so many I tell you) and did some sort of mix and matching. Which tops would look great with which pants and so on and so forth, you know the normal problems we women face every single day of our lives. I figured I’d be safe to play with black, brown and white as my motif for this trip since it’s quite easy to play around with it. I’ve thrown in a couple of blues as well while saying “f*ck fashion!!!!” in a very dramatic manner. I’ll be wearing boots the entire trip so there’s no need for me to bring extra ones. I’ll just have to cross my fingers that it will not: 1. give me blisters (it feels comfortable though, so far.) and 2. it won’t break down from all the walking that I’m about to do during the entire trip. I also brought only one jacket for the entire trip. The jacket is brown so it still goes with the motif. :p Anyway, the secret of course is the magical technique of folding and rolling all your clothes and filling in the gaps of your suitcase. You can’t see it from the photo itself but there are some small rolled-up tops that I have in there to fill the gaps between the thick tops.


Next, I’ve put the pants on top of it. I didn’t bring any jeans since it’s too bulky. I’ve also thrown in some more tops which aren’t really “winter clothes” per se but, it’s a just-in-case kind of clothes. And the craziest thing of all is, look at the other side of the suitcase:


It’s almost empty! Toiletries, under wears, tights and some other things that I might need during the trip (including of course the adaptor, very important).

So who’s going to give me the award?

For a more detailed technique of my incredible ability to pack light, you may visit this blog post: The Art of Packing.


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