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August 27, 2008

After suffering from a writer’s block for quite a long time, I am back. The people who are constantly reading my blogs who finds amusement on my writings during their boring time at the office (that explains why you’re not getting any salary increase you freaks!) are all yapping about where have my blogs gone? GSUS!!!!! Can’t I take a break? It’s hard writing a blog, it usually requires me to get my mind working (which I rarely do) besides, is that all I am to you????Anyway, before anything else – can I just say something? Not that you all have a choice ‘coz either ways am going to say it – if you hear someone call you a “driver” and tells you that she’s going to shave your eyebrows – will you be gravely offended and make you say a lot of shitty things and make you curse like there’s no tomorrow at the other person? What is up with the eyebrows anyway??? Alright, being called a driver may have offended him because his ego may have eaten what pea-sized brain he’s got. But the eyebrows???? Maybe a priced possession? An asset to a sour face perhaps? Anyway, I found it really shallow. I was hysterical actually when he used those reasons, I never knew somebody can be that shallow. This is the reason why I don’t like to date men who’s about my age. Childish, immature, shallow and too much ego.

Moving on to a sunnier side, 3 weeks before my most-awaited comeback in the Philippines I got a call from home telling me that I am once again invited to do an intensive 1-week ballet training for the public school students of our town. If not for the operation that I am planning to schedule when I go home, it would have been for the whole stay that I’ll be having there. So I’ll be making extra money still during my vacation. Shuweeeeeeetttttt…..

Tomorrow is the last Thursday before Ramadan so me and my girls (hopefully some guys as well) are planning to party hard like a rockstar, before the whole of Dubai closes for about a month. And there is a side-plan as well to which I’d rather not delve into as the plan is a top secret amongst us. Hint: Revenge is ever so sweet. :p

So I was talking to Alex last night, he couldn’t sleep because he’s in a different timezone again and his body clock is all messed up, we were browsing the users of MySpace in the UAE and have sent messages to 5 users. We’re in a contest to see who gets replied the most. I’ll update on this later, whoever loses will have to treat the winner for dinner. I hope none of my readers are any of those people we’ve sent a message to. :p

Yalla, it’s time to get myself back to work. Haha!

P.S. Chubby told me that I could not annoy him ‘coz am too special for that. 😀 Thank you Chubby for thinking that am a special child who needs extra attention and care.

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