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i am going out tonight

February 12, 2009

and nobody can stop me now. not even the cold, strong winds outside. not the sandstorm. not the total lack of cabs on a thursday night around dubai. nothing and noone can ever stop me now.


i’ve had enough of going sabbatical for more than a month on our night-outs. time to conquer what is rightfully ours – the dancefloor. hahaha. it’s deny’s birthday on the 18th and this is her pre-celebration, i heard about rumors of buying a whole bottle of vodka and finishing it in just one night. just 4 of us girls – sounds like a drunken night for all us 4. nice! i’ve had a dress rehearsal earlier as to what am going to wear later. i have tried a lot of it but can’t seem to find one which suits the shoes that i want to wear for tonight best. well….. we’ll see what i will fancy on wearing later.

photos will be posted. absolutely!

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