Huffing and Puffing in Preveli Beach on Our Last Day in Crete.

Preveli Beach, Rethimno, Crete -

It is our last full day in Crete and it breaks my heart to say that. I’ve enjoyed everything that we’ve done so far in this island specially spending time with some of the awesomest people one can ever find that the thought of our time together is ending makes me want to cry my eyes out. We only had one plan today, to go to Preveli Beach and spend most of our day there but before that, coffee. We walked around the Old Town of Rethymno which I’m not as keen as Chania’s Old Town. Although it still has a very Greek feel to it, it was a bit more spread out. I don’t really know why it matters but nevertheless, I still enjoyed exploring it.

After breakfast, we drove to Preveli Beach which is around an hour away. We took the wrong turn at first and ended up going through a cliffside dirt road. We were told by a passerby that it is the quicker way to go to Preveli Beach and once you reach the end, you’ll have less time walking towards the beach. There’s another road to take though which is the main paved road but getting to the beach from there will require a bit of a hike. We decide to take the quicker route but the more we drove through it, the narrower the road gets and if you know me, I am actually afraid of heights so we decided to go back and take the main road instead while our other friends braved through the dirt road.

Preveli Beach, Rethimno, Crete -

We arrived at the parking area of Preveli Beach and started our steep hike down to the beach. Now you might ask, if I’m afraid of heights why is it ok for me to walk than to drive? I don’t really know, I blame my weirdness. Maybe my weird mind thinks that I have more control of my legs than a car? To be fair, I walked down one step at a time during the entire hike making sure that my feet will land correctly on each of the stone steps. As we were going down, we came across people going the opposite way and they were huffing, puffing and sweaty – not the encouragement we need as the thought of our way back already came to mind.

PRevveli Beach, Rethimno, Crete -

Was the beach itself worth the hike? Absolutely and most definitely NOT! Lol. The beach, in my opinion, is the ugliest we’ve been to in Crete BUT there’s a silver lining, the Palm Forest which is within the vicinity. There is a lagoon that runs through the Palm Forest into the beach itself which makes the atmosphere a bit more dramatic than a regular beach. If you follow the lagoon, you’ll soon discover an oasis of palm trees surrounding the it. It looks phenomenal and definitely a different view of Greece. The further you go, the more magnificent the atmosphere becomes. It looks like you’re walking through a set of a Jurassic Park movie with the huge cliffs, the greenery, the lagoon and the palm trees. The hike through the forest is very easy so you don’t have to worry about huffing and puffing once again.

Preveli Palm Forest, Rethimno, Crete -

After we’ve had enough of the Palm Forest and Preveli Beach itself, 2 of our group decided to take the boat instead to Plakias while the three of us braved the hike back up to the parking lot. To be fair, going up is a lot easier than going down for reasons that I can’t explain. It is possible that you use more muscles in your legs when you’re going down to avoid slipping and you can also see how high up you are when you’re going down which adds up to the nervousness that you already have. 🙂

We drove back to Rethymno afterwards and had dinner in a cute taverna in the Old Town after freshening up. We decided to go to a local bar after dinner but we didn’t stay long as I was already extremely tired that night. Our flight the next day was not until the afternoon so we basically had most of our last day free – walking around the Old Town, having breakfast and lunch before driving back to Heraklion for our flight.

It was an amazing holiday and I definitely plan to go back to Crete soon as I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of this beautiful island during our week’s stay here.

ON a totally different note, I get asked a lot what camera I use for my photos and it’s always a surprise to anyone when I say that I only use Huawei Mate 10 Pro (Single-SIM) 128GB BLA-L09 SIM-Free 4G Smartphone (Titanium Grey). Just to remind you, if you do buy it from this link I’ll get a small commission from it at no extra charge to you. Thank you in advance if you do decide to buy it from my link. 🙂

Here’s a short video of our full holiday in Crete:


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