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How would your colleagues describe you?

April 17, 2012

The company is sending me to a seminar about the psychological analysis of people. Psychology, a subject which I really gained interest on when I was finishing my degree so I immediately accepted the invitation. As part of the seminar, we were asked to fill out a questionnaire and the last question was: How would your colleagues describe you? I always like knowing how people sees me, not that I would change any of it but I am very open to constructive criticism which my previous supervisor liked about me. I never take anything personally and I respect others opinion even if it is against my own. The words thrown out at me were the following:

1. Straight-forward.
2. Fearless.
3. Aggressive.
4. Helping attitude
5. Honest
6. Bold
7. Cooperative

And my favorite is: Freedom Fighter. I literally burst out laughing when a colleague told me the last one. It reminded me of that colleague who I had a misunderstanding with a few months ago who told one of our officers that he got mad to the other two of our colleagues because they were both supporting me. I laughed so hard when my officer told me that. Apart from the fact that it is such a childish and immature thing to even think about, I apparently have the ability to brainwash people to start a revolution or turn people against someone to be more precise. Nah, that’s not me. I’m too lazy to be all those things.

Anyhow, I would probably say that all of the words given to me were true and I’m happy that people sees me for who I truly am. But of course, I am aware that everything should be in moderation and I admit that I sometimes let my emotions rule out my logic. One thing about me though is I am not two-faced (it was also mentioned by one other colleague who admires me for being such), I hate gossiping about people behind their back. If I don’t like something about you, I will say it. I don’t expect you to change it for me but I just want to inform you what my thoughts are. I am also unbiased, just because you’re a friend of mine does not make me want to close my eyes in whatever it is that you’re doing wrong. I treat people fairly and I’m all about being just. I should’ve been a lawyer, only if I wasn’t lazy to study for so long and clearly, I can’t be a politician because to be one, I need to be the total opposite of who I am right now for people to like me.

If I should choose one adjective to describe myself it would be: straight-forward. I don’t like beating around the bush and I find it hard to keep up with having two different sides of my face. But don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am whereas my attitude depends on who you are.


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