How to lose a girl on a first date.

Guys! Read on.

First impressions lasts, therefore first dates are the most crucial part of a budding relationship. I am not talking on behalf of all us women, this just applies to me and to other “normal” girls out there. On a first date, most girls do a lot of preparation. And I mean, a L-O-T. You guys must be offended if your date never even had the time to have her nails done, it just means that your date isn’t taking you seriously. So what preparations do we go thru really? It can be as petty as putting on a make-up when we normally don’t or as huge as having our whole body waxed or our hair rebonded. Hehehe. So the secret’s out, the bigger the preparation a girl made on the first date means that your way ahead of the game. (One good tip, you should acknowledge the preparation made for you. Just let us girls know that our effort didn’t go unnoticed). Good for you if that’s the case. Must be an ego-booster. But it doesn’t end there, you guys have to do your part as well. It doesn’t really matter if we’re so much attracted to you even before the first date, it doesn’t also matter if there’s been a lot of flirtings going on before the date. What matters is the ACTUAL date itself. Herein, I have listed some of the things you can do to have our attraction towards you go down the drain.

1. BE LATE. 5-10 minutes is ok. But 30-minutes??? Traffic is the lamest excuse. The date and time is set, you should at least have the decency of giving an allowance of say… 15 minutes more than your usual travel time from your place to mine. The only plausible excuse for me would be you’re stuck with a lot of paperworks in the office (since I usually am stuck as well with a lot of paper works to finish) but at least have the courtesy of calling and informing me that you’re gonna be late. By being late you just lost yourself 50 pogi-points.

2. DRESS DOWN. And I mean way way down. I had a date once (aherm!!), we were supposed to go to a very posh restaurant in Greenbelt 3. When he arrived, he was wearing a striped maong pants with a very faint touch of green, and a printed red shirt. His hair was unkept. He somehow reminded me of Boyoyong the Clown. Ok, so you’re gonna tell me that you’re very “individualistic”, well I have no problems with that at all. But at least show me that your being “individualistic” won’t make you look like you came from a planet yet to be discovered. We ended up having dinner at Wendy’s Greenbelt 1. Told him that am not really up for fancy places at the moment. His number was already erased from my phone even before he had his second bite of his burger. Dressing down will cost you hmmm….. I say 75 pogi points.

3. DON’T PAY ANYTHING. This, by far is the worst date I have ever gotten myself into. He should at least have told me that he went bankrupt or was robbed on the way, at least I’d be ready for circumstances such as this. I usually don’t let a guy pay for everything whenever am on a date. Dutch treat as they say. But I wasn’t expecting this, to the extent that he’s gonna let me pay for everything. I was afraid he would even ask me for an extra money for his gas after the date. Thankfully, I noticed that his tank was full, unfortunately his pocket wasn’t. Whew! I’ve never heard from him again after that date. For this, 100 pogi points will be lost.

4. BE A STUCK-UP. Talking about yourself all throughout the date is like putting me in an arena full of famished lions. I’d rather choose the latter to spare me the torture of fighting the urge to sleep. I don’t really care if you graduated from Ateneo (we beat you in the recent UAAP game anyway. GO USTE!!!!), I don’t care if you just bought a Vios 2006, I don’t care if you are an architect and just got promoted, that don’t impress me much really. I don’t have time for all that bragging and big talkings. You expect me to drool over you? No way! Take me home so I can watch a rerun of Friends. By being a stuck up, 90 pogi points will be lost.

5. DON’T TALK. Ok, so I look like a goddess. You might be speechless when you picked me up. But please fight the urge of swallowing your tongue. Hehehehe. I have this attitude that I don’t talk unless you talk to me first. So if you’re not gonna talk, and am not gonna talk, why are we having this date in the first place? Silence….. Silence….. Silence….. You just lost 99 pogi points.

6. BE AN ASSHOLE and tell me that you actually have a girlfriend who you have just seen pass by with a very furious look in her eyes. Need I say more? 100 pogi points lost. Why am I dating you anyway?

7. BE DUMB. Ok, I really don’t need an Einstein. But please make your mind work from time to time. Don’t speak in English if you’re not sure about your grammar. I am not very updated with current events as well, but at least I do know that Thailand is having a coup d’etat at the moment and I know what Charter Change is. You will lose 90 pogi points by being in row 4.

8. SMELL. Hehehehe. A big turn-off. Conserve soil! Hehehe. I don’t need to elaborate on this, 200 pogi points will be lost for having a funky smell.

9. HAVE A CONTINOUS BEEPING AND RINGING CELLPHONE. No need to elaborate on this guys. MAg-text na lang tayo if this will be the case.

10. MAKE ME JEALOUS. Well, the great myth is debunked. Contrary to popular belief that making a girl jealous would just have them crave for more out of you is a total disrespect. Seriously? You believe this stuff? Am not one of those girls, please…. I have a good life to live ahead of me. I need not waste my time on a jerk like you. If you don’t want me, tell me. I’ll be out of your life even before you blink your eye. 1million pogi points will be lost and a JERK will be marked on your forehead.

So far so good. Do I make myself clear? 😀


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  • Mitzie Mee August 18, 2015 at 12:24

    I LOVE your old dating posts!!!You should write a book based on these posts! Btw. who’s Boyong the Clown?
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Los Angeles: Grand Central MarketMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High August 18, 2015 at 16:57

      How in the world are you getting through these posts??? Lol.

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