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How to have a bad day?

November 9, 2008

I’ve had shitty days since i came back from my vacation. lots of errors committed, discrepancies received and well just a lot of bad lucks. am wondering if the tonsillectomy or the anesthesia has something to do with it. i am absolutely sure that the whole universe is conspired against me right now with a motto of – “let’s f*ck mimi’s life” and well i have to say, they’re doing such a good job and my life’s totally f*cked right now.how to have a bad day, here are the simple steps and the result will surely give you one big headache which is enough to last for one lifetime and next.

(Disclaimer: the below scenarios actually did happen but not just in one day – please…. my mind’s not that f*cked up yet. these all happened in a span of one month after my surgery)

1. issue a ticket under a wrong passenger’s name and make sure that the ticket will have a refund penalty which the airline won’t waive off even if you have sold a lot of tickets for them before. (f*ck that airline, i haven’t booked any of my passengers with them eversince. i just play fair…)

2. issue a VMPD and put in the ticket number instead of the passenger’s name on the name field. then after realizing the mistake that you’ve done issue a new one and request the airline for a refund of the correct VMPD that you issued instead of requesting it for the wrongly issued VMPD. (what the hell was i thinking?)

3. issue a VMPD for a holiday package and make sure that you mess up with the fares and taxes. do this when the package is on a big amount so that the manager of your company will take part in this sad reality that you can’t do a simple mathematics.

4. reissue a ticket and make sure that you don’t collect the reissuance penalty on the ticket so that you will have to reissue the ticket again and commit the same mistake. WTF????

5. forget to attach a copy of the exchanged ticket to the new ticket when reporting the sale so that the accounts department who’s after your ass now for committing too many errors will have the joy of sending you another discrepancy even if they can just print it out from their system.

6. handle an irrate passenger when you yourself is irrate. it is just so hard to control yourself from screaming out loud when your heart is beating so damn hard that you think it will burst out of your ribcage anytime.

as for the non-work-related issues:

7. add an extra zero to the amount when you’re doing a transfer to an account that you cannot withdraw from for a good 3 months so that the amount which is left on your current account is 50 f*cking dirhams. you’ll have no choice but to do a cash advance on the credit card that you’re refraining yourself to use because you’re already trying to close it.

8. eat a lot of chocolates and greasy food so that you’ll have a pimple at the side of your nose as big as a 50fils coin. and make sure that it’ll be all red and plumpy.

9. always date the wrong guys and never agree on a date with those people who are good to you and never treated you bad.

10. iron your favorite dress in maximum heat and make sure that you burn it.

11. do a shopping spree and realize afterwards that you have lost 500 dirhams and find out after computing the amounts on your receipt that you have just plainly lost the money and didn’t use it for any purchase. probably you forgot to get the change???? crap!!!!!!

12. forget where you kept your favorite eyeliner.

13. eat lots of carbs and make sure you gain a lot of weight.

14. forget to set the washing machine to blanket mode so that it won’t be able to carry on with the weight of the comforter and as a result it won’t function at all. make sure that you do this on a weekend when all your flatmates are lined up to do their laundry. * grin *

15. manage to have a paper cut at the very same spot where you got it the first time.


i just figured out that all of these things happened when something good happened to me. well, i guess that’s just the balance of the world. yin and yang. something good equals to something not that good. it has to be that way, i guess….

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  • Reply jackcoleme November 11, 2008 at 08:28

    Hey galatea234 I’m honored to see you acknowledge my comments on your blog. I’m happy that I made you smile if only for a few seconds. I can see from your recent blogs that you’ve been stressed out at work, always remember that “stressed” is only “desserts” spelled backwards. I’d really love to get to chat / talk to you sometime. Most of the people I’ve been in contact with here in Dubai are not the sharpest tool in the shed and I’m dying for some intelligent conversation (at the risk of sounding desperate). I have a ym and skype account so if you feel you’ll be comfortable giving it out to me then just send me a message.

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