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How to fall in and out of love in a matter of 30 minutes.

July 8, 2008

Where: at the office

When: the slowest time of the day – 2pm, no passengers, no phone calls, nothing

Scenario: passenger walked in and sat on the couch just across my counter. shortly after darting my eyes towards where he is, i suddenly lost my focus on the man in front of me asking where Dome Cafe is. i wanted to tell the man in front of me to get the hell out of my face ‘coz am not a f*cking map! but instead, told him “first entrance on your left”. as soon as the man asking for directions walked out of our office, i looked at the gorgeous guy and said “hi” with the sweetest smile.

Gorgeous guy: Are you free?

Mi: (For you, I am) Yes, how can i help you? [am not normally this curt to my passengers but he just made me say it]

Gorgeous Guy: I wanted to ask about travel insurance.

Mi: (you won’t be needing any insurance if you marry me, i’ll take good care of you – i won’t even let mosquitoes bite you) sure! kindly just fill out this form… [by this time, i had to keep myself from drooling over my counter, the guy’s undisputably handsome – hands down!]

call me rude, but i did stared at him while he was filling out the form. haha! gorgeous eyes, gorgeous gorgeous face, lean body and then i saw it – the company logo on his shirt and i have dated (dating, not sure of the status now haha!) someone from that same company and for me, it’s off limits. dating 2 people who knows each other, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone – not good. not really good. but am still allowed to have a crush on him right? and not that he’s going to date me. haha! am just wishful thinking and yes, am allowed to do that. this is my blog, so….

gorgeous guy handed me the form, as i was carefully making each entries on the system, it was his turn to stare at me. or am probably imagining things, but imagination or reality – i would have blushed at the exact moment if i do blush. good thing i don’t. hehehe.

after the transaction, gorgeous guy asked “so, does the insurance takes effect now or after my flight?”.

Mi: well, the policy states the date today so it takes effect now.

Gorgeous Guy: so if something happens to me now, i can get use of this insurance  already? (with a sheepish schoolboy grin on his face)

Mi: yes, if something happens to you at the gym… you can already avail of the benefits on the insurance. (of course it doesn’t work that way, just making it up to make our conversation go on and on and on….)

Gorgeous Guy: Brilliant! Thanks!

Mi: you’re welcome (honey). 😀

so i had my lunch right after he left, called up a good friend of mine and told him about this new-found “crush”. friend dared me to call him up and ask him out as i have his mobile number on the profile. initial reaction was – i can’t do it! because, he knows the guy i dated (dating). friend told me – just pretend he’s not working at the same gym and see if your charms will work…..

after thoroughly thinking it through (took me about 3minutes to think it thru), i dialled the “crush’s” mobile number on our landline – ring! ring! ring! he didn’t answer. sent him a text message which says “will you be able to advise me of your passport number and expiration date?” haha! safe! i told my friend if the “crush” replied on my message with something else other than the details am asking from him, then i’d probably do the one thing i haven’t done in my entire life – ask a guy out.

after 10mins, beep beep on my phone. message from the “crush”

passport number is E2347987 expiration 12jun2012

-end of message-

well, am just not the type to run after someone who’s playing hard to get. so, he blew it! he blew his very rare chance to be asked out by me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.

and the good friend told me – you’re a chicken! i knew you can’t do it.

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  • Reply mikenopolis July 9, 2008 at 18:51

    HAHAHA, I missed the occasional “crush” that walks in at work. I remember when I used to work as a lifeguard at a pool….girls are always asking if I teach private lessons. I always wondered if I was just a creepy guy with my mind in the gutter or if those girls was like you!….I’m pretty sure I was the creepy guy LOL.

    Good luck with the “crush”!

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