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How to Effectively Get Over Someone?

September 7, 2008

The following steps should only be done if you are truly, honestly, 100% sure that you are ready to finally take that big leap from being the underdog to your moment of glory. You need to have a surpassing amount of self-control, self-respect, pride and belief that you can do it.

The mindset should be: you don’t want to be that person who irritates the hell out of the subject everytime you try to communicate with them. That’s why a huge amount of pride is needed for this exercise.

If you are ready, then read on…

1. Remove all means of communication with the subject.

– delete the subject’s name from your phone, YM/MSN, myspace, facebook, friendster, etc etc. and it doesn’t end there, don’t be a smart ass – of course you also have to delete all the messages sent by the subject to you. deleting the subject’s number from your phone does not stop you from communicating with them if you have a message from them which you can just hit the “reply” button anytime. so they say, communication is the key to every relationship henceforth, without it – you are ommitting the relationship (imaginary or real) that you have with the subject. every single thing that will make you send that dreaded yet simple “hi! how are you?” message must be gone completely. it will be hard to do, yes! very! but here’s how you can do it painlessly – do everything fast. fast so you don’t have time to think it through. before you know it, everything’s gone and you don’t have time to take it all back. and shut up, don’t be such a drama king/queen – remember, you don’t want to be that person who irritates the hell out of the subject everytime you try to reach out to them.

2. Never plan any revengeful tactics. it will make you more of a loser than you already are. just let karma work its wonders and take it from there.

3. Never bad-mouth the subject to your friends. bad-mouthing¬† someone means you have not gotten over them and will just make you reminisce the times that you’ve had together. besides, you never know if your friends are getting tired of all your sordid stories about the subject and may be planning of cutting you off as well because you just won’t shut your mouth about that person. so as much as possible, stir away yourself from any conversation-starters about the subject. to make you look less of a bitter person left alone to rot.

4. Make yourself busy. repaint your room, redecorate your room, plant some flowers, disassemble and reassemble your wardrobe, clean the bathroom tiles, make your kitchen spotless clean, climb out of your roof and remove the dust from your antennae, wash your curtains, wash the dishes of your next-door neighbor – just keep yourself busy and make sure that you will be dead-tired after everything. occupy your mind with just anything you can think of, so there will be less time for you to ponder about the subject.

5. Talk to your friends. Go out have dinner, watch a movie, bake a cake together, go to the beach, sky dive, shop till you drop etc etc. Surround yourself with positive people.

6. Last but not the least -happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

Before you know it, you are already dressing up for the next date that you have (who can be “the one” you never know) and is happier more than you can ever imagine in such a short span of time.

Take it from me who have done everything enlisted above a LOOOOOOOT of times and it always worked out fine. The first and last step are the most important.

So anyway, i have a lot of deletings to do. Where the hell is my phone?

I choose to be happy.

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    hi .. ..
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