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How to Apply for Sri Lanka Visa

January 30, 2012

Gone are the days when Filipinos can go to Sri Lanka with a visa upon arrival policy. Well actually, gone are the days for all nationalities unless you’re Maldivian or Singaporean.

Anyhow, the visa processing is not that complicated. All you need is your passport copy or if you have memorized your passport number and expiry date by heart (like I did) then you don’t even need it and of course your credit card to pay for the fee. Visit their website here and just fill out the form. The visa fee is USD20.00 (approximately AED80 depending on the rate of exchange) per person and you will receive the Electronic Travel Authority in a matter of 10 minutes after you’ve filed the same. The tourist visa is a double entry visa (30 days maximum stay for each entry) and is valid to use until 6 months from the date of issuance.

Why all these Sri Lanka formalities? Because some time in the very near future you will see me here:

Sigiriya’s The Lion Rock Fortress

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