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How to activate DEWA supply in Dubai.

June 27, 2014

Due to the rising cost of house rents in Dubai, myself and a lot of other people I know have transferred houses. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m now living in a lot cheaper house because it’s just expensive anywhere in Dubai these days. My reason for moving is an entirely different and more complicated story which I’m too bored to write about. Anyway, I’ve been asked a couple of times by those people who are moving as to how I activated my DEWA supply in the new house. Where did I go, how much did it cost and how long it took. Most of them, just like me, were dreading this particular part of moving house (apart from the actual move I guess) as it will most likely involve long waiting at the line in a government office in Dubai. Well here’s the good news, I didn’t wait for a long time in line because I did it ONLINE. It’s surprising that a lot of people doesn’t know that you can actually do it online. I didn’t as well, I just researched about it since almost everything here in Dubai can be done online I figured that there should be a way to do this on the interwebs too. So here goes:

How to activate DEWA supply in Dubai.

Before logging online, make sure that you have your flat’s DEWA premise number (you can get it from your landlord), a scanned copy of your tenancy contract, a scanned copy of your passport with visa page and your credit card for the deposit amount of AED1000 for a flat and AED2000 for a villa.

1. Visit the e-services part of the DEWA website by clicking here.
2. On the first column, click on Activation of Supply (Move In).
3. Fill out the form which is self-explanatory.
4. Upload your tenancy contract and your passport with visa page.
5. Pay the deposit amount.

After completing the payment, you will receive an email from DEWA mentioning your notification number which will serve as your reference number should there be any problems or delays with the DEWA activation. I did the online activation request in the morning and it was activated same day in the afternoon. It’s that easy. 🙂

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