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December 12, 2009

my health:

not perfect but getting there. my cough still sounds like a beat-up jeepney trying its very best to start its malfunctioning engine. it can wake you up in the middle of the night if you’re not a deep-sleeper like my roomate. :p i no longer have fever and just a little bit of colds now. i still have no apetite to eat anything but i always try to eat something like today’s lunch – a sausage baguette. i was able to finish half of it and the other half will probably be my dinner. the baguette is no longer than 5in in length and about an inch and a half in width which normally would be just a snack for me, but now it’s considered a meal and i can’t even finish all of it. my roomate cooked shrimps two days ago (which is a personal favorite) but for 3 days now, i’ve only eaten 2pcs of it. i’ve been eating a lot of bulalo though, i have no idea why i have craved for it when i was sick but that’s the only food i have an apetite for. ordered it from chowking and been my meal for 2 days straight. 🙂 but let’s see this all from a better side: i am losing weight and i don’t even have to sacrifice anything for it. hah!

i am still taking some medicines and it’s making me really groggy and very sleepy. i told the doctor that i can’t possibly take this medicine when i’m going to work because it really is impossible for me to stay up after taking it. like take yesterday for example, i took the medicine at 8am and slept from 9am to 1145am. then again at 2pm and slept from 330pm to 545pm. after all these day sleeping, it would normally be hard for me to sleep at night but after taking the medicine at 8pm i slept at 1030pm and woke up at 845am the next day.


has finally calmed down a bit which is bad news for the business i know. i’m supposed to attend our company’s 50th anniversary party at the dubai rugby sevens stadium today but since i have not been going to work for the past few days i decided not to go to make up for the lost days at work. but i really really do want to go!!!! badly!!!! it’s been a long time since i’ve seen the sheikh zayed people and i would really love to hear the gossips. 🙂

financial issues:

i have no money so there will be no issues whatsoever on this.

my life in Dubai:

it’s getting colder and colder now. i was busy sleeping inside my flat yesterday that i was not aware that it’s been raining the whole day in the whole of Dubai. i just found out about it when i went out to do some grocery in the evening and i stepped on a puddle of mud which is dubai’s problem in the slightest fall of rain. the whole road had about an ankle-high water. nevertheless, i’ll choose the gloomy wintry season of dubai over it’s burning-in-hell summer sensation anytime.

the boyfriend:

he left yesterday to go back to his home country and spend the holidays over there. he will be back on the 28th and will spend NYE with me, so yay for me! we’ve had some issues the previous days though, he found out that he will not stay here in the UAE for long and might leave by the end of February back to his home country for good. it saddened me – BIG TIME. but of course, it’s mine and all of the relationships i am getting myself into are always jinxed so i was kinda expecting something like this would happen. both of us being cynical about long distance relationships (it never works) we sort of had an unofficial and unsaid agreement that by the end of February, we will be over. i don’t like the set-up and i really don’t want it to be over and i am hoping that we’ll work something out before the end of February. if not, then it has been the best times of my life in the UAE and i’m thankful that i’ve had it with him.

he asked me then if i’m willing to still be his girlfriend until february or if i want to end it with him now to spare me the drama come february. i told him that i’d rather make the most out of the days that he still have left here in the UAE rather than wasting those days by spending it apart which we could have been together because i don’t want to get hurt by february. both ways, it will hurt me anyway. so……. let me have more wonderful memories with him.

oh well….. drama! my life’s full of drama.

Here’s some bits and pieces of things/people/conversations which made me happy for the past few sick days:

1. Dr. Derek Sheperd
– i’ve been watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy and i am just falling in love with his eyes… why aren’t real doctors as hot as him? well, i’ll probably have to take it as a good sign otherwise i will always be at the hospital for no reason at all.

2. my bed on a cool, wintry days like these.

3. conversations with B:

B: even married couples get divorce so i still have a shot with [insert name of alpha male here which we have been oggling about for having this really incredible physique]
N: B, he’s straight. you’re gay
B: there’s always a way to bend a straight man to gayhood. besides, if he knew the things i would do to him…. he’ll probably be as gay as [insert name of another friend here who claims to be straight but has been seen in the company of notorious gay leaders within the vicinity of motels in Malate] by now.
N: ugh! you’re disgusting!
B: and you love me for that.

4. conversations with Donessa:

Donessa: I have a problem!!!
MiMi: what’s that?
Donessa: mininova.org has closed its site down and i have no idea where to get the latest episodes of 24.
MiMi: if i have your problem, i’d probably be suicidal.

5. sweet nothings
” when i told you that you’re a wonderful person, i meant it…”


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  • Reply Jacqueline Patrona December 13, 2009 at 12:23

    P.S. the boyfriend section of this novela.. :-p

  • Reply Jacqueline Patrona December 13, 2009 at 12:22

    🙁 is this the reason why you were crying??? don’t worry roomie… i will pay for the entrance fee at barasti just for you… hihihi!

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      you will pay for my entrance in barasti??? wow! thank you roomie! 🙂

      • Reply Jacqueline Patrona December 14, 2009 at 06:20

        ahehehehe… i was thinking for me and my two bodyguards.. hahaha! show me Niko’s wallet and I’ll steal a few extra bucks for YOUR entrance fee. hahaha!

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