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how bout that for a birthday????

June 5, 2008

first of all, i would like to greet my very good friend – Alex, a very Happy Birthday!!!! as a treat for himself he finally bought a house here in dubai (as he realized that the hotel accomodations everytime he’s here is more expensive than buying his own house in dubai) and paid cash. i told you all he’s a zillionaire dressed in gap. :p so we’re celebrating the birthday, me, Maria (the girlfriend) and the birthday boy – Alex. the house is still a mess. boxes of the home appliances they shopped for earlier all around the place. and alex is peeking over my shoulders now while am typing and doing the blog. can’t wait ’till i finish, patience!!!!!

(after 5hrs or so)

so am sitting on the settee, alex and maria sleeping already on the floor. tired from trying to dance “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” after shots of tequilla. tired as well from playing golf on a make-shift mini golf course inside the bathroom. truly, i have never seen alex laugh so hard in my entire life until tonight.

so the tequilla shots didn’t do me any good, am wide awake now. no hint of sleepiness. so here i am, blogging away.

went out to a farewell dinner/concert for the pilot last night. the bastard is leaving dubai, off to the greener pasture of Kuwait. hahahahaha! sorry pilot, can’t help it! so no more concerts for me, no more theater plays, no more ballet, no more classy dinners, no more scuba diving, no more getting lost around dubai, no more cosmopolitans on a weekday just for the sake of getting the daily dose of alcohol, no more bar hopping on a liquor-banned night, no more impromptu fun, no more pilot 🙁 wow!!!!!!!! after listing these things, just realized now that the pilot is actually good for something…. hahaha! a lot of things actually. well, here’s a toast to the pilot who will miss the sleepless nights in dubai, i wish him all the best that kuwait has to offer. nevertheless, dubai will always be waiting for your return twice a week. hahahaha. say hi to your girlfriend for me! :p

and on that note, i just have to tell you this pilot… i know you read my blogs so…. well, according to dr.phil – and yes, i am serious – this is actually from dr.phil: anything that you’re doing which you can’t do in front of your wife/girlfriend is called cheating. so there goes my answer to your question. and according to dr.phil as well, pink bras are ok. hahahahahahahaha!

so, we watched kings, queens and divas last night in madinat. they were good, though i think i would have sung I HAVE NOTHING by WHITNEY HOUSTON better than the singer who sung it last night. am sorry, i just can’t get over it. but for real, i could have sung that song better – more voice power with just the right amount of alcohol. hehe.

i love the theater…. i practically grew up in a theater. as early as age 9, am already performing in (aherm!) Cultural Center of the Philippines in front of hundreds of people. i don’t remember myself getting nervous when i was a child, but as i was reaching adulthood – there were always butterflies inside my stomach before each performance. my aunt would always bring me along as well to watch stage plays, the first play i’ve seen was “Joseph, the Dreamer”. And the first broadway I’ve seen was “Phantom of the Opera” on a CD. I was still too young to watch it when they brought the phantom in the Philippines. From then on, I got hooked. Favorite broadway would be, Les Miserables but the first and last broadway I’ve seen live was Miss Saigon. Ironic though, I was more into Gigi than to Kim, who was of course played by no other than Lea Salonga. The Filipina actress who got Tonys for playing Kim in Saigon and Fantine in Les Miserables. Gigi was played by Ms. Isay Alvarez, who then went on with the cast when they played Saigon in London after their Manila stint. Another favorite stage actor is Mr. Robert Sena, who is the husband of Ms. Isay Alvarez. Robert Sena played the Engineer in Saigon, powerful powerful voice. I swear everytime I hear his voice, I get goosebumps. Rent is also one of the faves because of its song “Seasons of Love”. Who doesn’t know the song?

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.

Five hundred twenty five thousand morning so dear.

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.

How do you measure, measure a year?

So anyway…. I have no idea what this rambling all about. But yeah, I need to get some zzzzsssss…..

La la land….

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