Honyaki at Madinat Jumeirah

Apart from being able to spend time with the one person who’s probably the only reason why I’m still here in Dubai, another good thing about the boyfriend being in town is I get to explore different restaurants as he himself loves to eat. The only difference is – I gain weight and he doesn’t. The guy can eat double the size of what I consume and never gains an inch on his waist. And of course I hate him for that.

Last Sunday night, the boyfriend was craving for a miso soup so we went to Honyaki in Madinat Jumeirah to satisfy the cravings. It was a weekday so the place was practically empty. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that humid so we were able to sit on their al fresco dining area with a fantastic view of Madinat’s man-made creek and the Burj Al Arab. It was also a good idea to sit outside as the indoor dining area doesn’t look so promising. We had the following:


We actually got the Edamame for free. It was a NEWBIE offer on their foursquare account which gives you a free serving of Edamame for your first check in at Honyaki. The benefits of social media. 🙂 Not the best edamame though.

Salmon Taco

Those salmon tacos are little pieces of heaven. It was sooo good and yummylicious! Too bad though that they served only 3. We had a long discussion as to who gets the last piece. We should’ve ordered an extra plate though. 🙂

Crazy Roll

I didn’t go crazy over their crazy rolls. First, it was so bland and second those crunchy things they put on top was quite annoying. It’s my fault though, I wanted to be adventurous and try something other than our usual california maki.

Canadian Lobster Salad

We shared the Canadian Lobster salad and it was actually enough for the two of us. It was fantastic with the right combination of texture and taste in contrast of each other. I loved the lobster meat most of all, of course. 🙂

Honyaki Sunrise

The boyfriend had Japanese sake and Japanese beer while me, on the other hand, had Honyaki sunrise. It was citrusy with a hint of alcohol only to feel its effect on me as soon as I stood up and my head spun a little. Yep, that drink right there is one helluva backstabber. :p

The food was on the pricier side, well come to think of it though – I’ve never found any Japanese restaurant in Dubai which I can say “cheap”. So maybe it is a normal price then for a Japanese cuisine in Dubai. The staff were friendly and attentive, given the fact that only 3 tables were occupied at the time – they should be attentive and friendly. 🙂


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