Honest Burgers Chiswick (Honestly Good!)

Honest Burgers Chiswick, London, England-104
Honest Burgers Chiswick - an independent burger restaurant in the heart of the beautiful Chiswick High Street serving no-frills dishes and craft beers/cocktails.

I was invited to try Honest Burgers Chiswick which has been in my list of places to try for quite a long time but somehow, it got buried under numerous other restaurants that I kept adding on to that list. The invitation came at the right time though as my friend K and I were due for another meet-up and Chiswick is halfway between us.

I planned to have a quick walk around Chiswick High Street before our meal but traffic was so bad that it took me almost two hours to get there. It was also the very first day of autumn and to mark that occassion, mother nature decided to shower us with rain accompanied by strong winds. It wasn’t a good weather to walk around Chiswick High Street to say the least but I was still able to take a few photos.

I absolutely adore Chiswick! The leafy High Street makes you feel like you’ve walked into a village far away from the centre of London when in fact, it’s just a quick ride via District Line from city centre. 

Chiswick, London, England-101

To avoid getting all drenched in rain, I went ahead to Honest Burgers Chiswick where I was welcomed by a very friendly staff who was by herself at the time. There were quite a lot of diners around when I arrived but she handled all tables (and take-away clients) so seamlessly. 

Honest Burgers Chiswick, London, England-110

While Honest Burgers Chiswick is part of a British chain of burger restaurant, I love that as a company – they only deal with independent producers as well as beer from the nearby brewery. Nothing better than a company helping independent businesses right?

My friend K arrived and Loredana, the staff at Honest Burgers Chiswick, immediately walked us through the menu and gave her own recommendations. We ended up having Tribute and Halloumi burgers as well as onion rings, white cabbage coleslaw, gravy and their very own Honest G&T. Combined all together – it created this beautiful and very instagrammable spread. 

Honest Burgers Chiswick, London, England-103

While I found the Halloumi burger quite too salty for my taste, the Tribute burger was freaking fantastic! The burger patties were so juicy that you’d need to wipe off the juice dripping on your arms everytime you bite into it. The sauce used in Tribute burger added soooo much flavor into an already great concoction of juicy burger patty, salty bacon and crunchy vegetables. It was an amazing combination that my mouth is craving for now as I write this. 

Tribute Burger at Honest Burgers Chiswick, London, England-103

The onion rings were the biggest I’ve ever had which were perfectly cooked. It didn’t become soggy throughout our entire meal (which included a good 15 minutes of myself just taking photos of everything before starting to eat lol). The coleslaw refreshed our taste buds while the gravy was sooooooo moreish and rich. I wanted to bathe in it. Lol. 

Honest Burgers Chiswick, London, England-100

I’m not a gin-drinker, I always find gin too strong and I also am not the biggest fan of its after-taste. Honest G&T on the other hand was light with a very grapefruit-y taste. I actually quite enjoyed it.

Tribute Burger at Honest Burgers Chiswick, London, England-103

More than the great food served, it was the friendliness of service which made a mark on our meal at Honest Burgers Chiswick. I’d definitely go back to try their other burgers, maybe even try their vegan/vegetarian ones for a change. 

Honest Burgers Chiswick

148 Chiswick High Rd London W4 1PR 

You can order from Honest Burgers Chiswick via dine in, take-away or delivery. They’re on Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

See more information on their website.

Note: Our meal was complimentary however as always, all photos and opinion are my own.

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