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November 24, 2008

i was supposed to go to the gym this morning, but decided against it. just because – am too lazy to get out of bed. 🙁 and after 30mins, i feel bad – i should have gone to the gym. oooopffff! problem with me is, the gym doesn’t really help at all. it’s all about my eating habits when it comes to being fit. am like a balloon, you can inflate/deflate me in a matter of 12hrs. i can have a flat stomach one moment, then have a bulging one the next. oh well, i just didn’t want to go to the gym earlier. i’ll probably won’t renew my contract with my trainor after the contract that i currently have with her. it’s just too expensive plus i want to be the boss of my own time. yeah, well… if that’s a ballet class that i have with her – i would never ever feel lazy towards it. is there any ballet classes here in dubai wherein my classmates won’t be 5yr olds?

my colleagues get a kick out of pronouncing my middle name – chingcuangco. it’s the chinese in me. yesterday, they have been chanting my middle name trying to get it right. obviously, it was a slow day yesterday as most of the airline systems were down. so we really didn’t have much to do.

i have a full schedule this weekend. (* wink * wink *) but specifically, chubby will be here. he claimed that he’s not going to see me as just a sidetrip, but you be the judge – he never went to dubai to see me. the only reason he’s coming here this weekend is to meet up a friend of his and then since he’s already here, he’s going to meet me afterwards. so, is that a sidetrip or not?  it absolutely is. anyhow, he also claimed that if ever he was not meeting a friend he would have still come down here to go with me to that musical show, which i think is a load of BULLcrap! :p chubby, you and i know that you’ll make up a lame excuse just to save your ass from sitting in another one of these musicals that i have been dragging you into. :p but thanks anyway for letting yourself dragged.

anyway, i am happy now. too many reasons to be happy. i just hope it last this time. 🙂

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