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March 13, 2009

The random rants. :p

1. just finished the training which i was entailed to attend for the launching of new reservation system by end of the month. i passed it with flying colors, hehe. so on my CV, am gonna be a galileo/abacus/worldspan/sabre/amadeus user but a master of none. hehehe. used to be an abacus goddess back in the philippines, i can practically reissue a ticket (the job which all travel agents/airline counter agents hates) with my eyes closed, heck i even dream of myself reissuing tickets. but since i arrived here in dubai, been using galileo which am not very keen of. but still, i survived the partial reissuances. :p

2. i want to enroll myself on any Emirates’ aviation college’s MBA programmes, but thinking of being a student once again – the nightly studies for exams, memorizations, taking notes, lectures, doing homeworks, final exams – makes me want to back out. i think am not yet ready for that, just yet. time will come when i would want to get a higher degree…. am just going to wait for that nudge. :p

3. been busy for the past week, i seriously thought i was going to die. it was 3 consecutive days that as soon as i walked inside the office by 9am, i would have to work nonstop until 3 or 4pm just to have a pee break. i missed lunch twice last week and had no energy to eat anything when i get home since am practically crawling my way to bed to get some snooze. companies am handling now are very budget-conscious. those companies which didn’t really mind at all the price of each plane tickets going to GCC countries are now opting to take the budget carriers such as Air Arabia and Jazeera Airways for their weekly GCC meetings. so the AED2500++ tickets with major carriers are now down to AED600++ with budget carriers. that’s going to muscat, bahrain, doha etc. and the passengers really don’t mind if they had to go to sharjah airport just to take these flights, just so they can save up on their travel budget. but there are still lots of people looking for holiday packages in the far east for the summer. i think i did a minimum of 8 packages last week and sold 3 of those. 2 of those packages were paid in cash. so it’s one chaotic world here in dubai, can’t seem to really understand if people are affected or not by the crisis. well, for sure i am. :p

3. i met up with aila last night to grab some dinner and to finally satisfy my cravings for shisha. hehehe. there’s a very good lebanese/italian restaurant at burjuman called Zone lounge. it’s fantastic! the prices are very very cheap, foods are tasty with big servings (we ordered seafood risotto and lasagne – both heavenly to our taste buds) and the shisha costs only AED25. it’s a recommended place for quiet, cheap and shisha evenings.

4. i was not able to attend the ballet classes last week. well first because it was a holiday last sunday and there was no class then wednesday, the teacher was not feeling well. i need the exercise and body contortion so will definitely not miss a class this week. no matter how tired am gonna be..

5. i think it would be great as well if i will attend a yoga class. i did attend a class twice at fitness first but i can’t seem to understand the whole point of it. i mean, how can you lose weight by sitting there cross-legged and meditating??? until i read an article about it, now it’s making a lot of sense. i freezed my account for a whole month with fitness first but i will be activating it next month for sure and try to attend those yoga and be at peace – body, soul and mind. hehehe.

6. been reading a lot of books lately. the duchess, girls of riyadh, a thousand splendid suns and soon am going to start reading the saudi sagas – a 3-book installment about the life of saudi royals. am also eyeing a book entitled Burned Alive, it’s about a girl who was….. well….. burned alive as stated on the title of the book. hehehe. anyway, it was a punishment for going against the norms and culture of their village. i used to be a fiction book fan but living here in the UAE and the culture being totally different, i want to know more about them. thus, the fascination on books telling stories about real people of the area i live in is a big itch for me now. girls of riyadh is a good read – light/fun and really an eye-opener. gives you a slight peek on the lives of arab women covered in black abayas. i now have great respect for all of them – not that i didn’t have any before reading the book. :p but let’s just say, i understood them more now. so next book will be the saudi saga – curious as to how these saudi princesses’ lives are. will i be envious of the wealth they have? or will i be thankful that am just a normal peasant? we’ll see. :p

7. am always having a bad headache and i think am going thru vertigos every morning. i thought that by being a responsible adult and wearing the contact lens will make the headache and dizziness go away. but now, i think the contact lens is the culprit of all these. am eating green, leafy vegetables so that crosses out me not having enough veggies. am always getting enough sleep everynight, so that crosses out lack of sleep too. i don’t know, am just always very dizzy in the morning and headache will start as soon as i start working in front of the computer. any ideas on what’s wrong with me???

8. i am going to watch cirque du soleil’s allegria!!! nobody and nothing can stop me. not even the economic crisis can wind me down. the tickets are expensive but i’ll be getting staff discount for the event, which is not that much but still….. it’s a discount. :p it’s the freaking cirque du soleil!!!!! they’re like the bolshoi of the ballet industry. if you’re like me, who’s a fan of people creating art by their fluid movements, graceful body contortion and world-class performance, then you have to witness this hot event in dubai. they are running for one month but the tickets are getting sold out on certain dates, i know coz we sell their tickets. :p just last night, i sold about 8 tickets and seeing the venue map, the show is a full house for today’s shows – both the afternoon and evening shows. so yes, i am going to watch this.

9. my hair is growing longer and i am fighting the itch to cut it very very short again. a lot of people will not approve of me cutting it short, i know – that’s why am getting an itch to do what those other people don’t want me to do. it’s the typical me – stubborn. :p

10. am chickening out again. both me and my mom are planning something…. and hmmmmmm….. just afraid to be disappointed once again. i don’t know how i can handle it if it ends up like all those previous times when i tried it. oh well!!!! i will do it before the month ends, everything’s in order. and well, i just have to get it over with – once and for all.

that’s me and my big mouth. :p

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