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April 20, 2009

I have not blogged for quite sometime now and it really is unusual for a blabbermouth like i am. But seriously, am just very talkative in writing but not in real life. I am always deeply caught up in my own thoughts thinking about things which will not happen in 10 years time or maybe not ever. Yes dear friends, am a daydreamer and my  aunt told me once that daydreaming is one reason of hairloss, thankfully my hair is still as thick as before (but is turning into its reddish/orangish natural color now after not putting black dye on it for the past how many months now, thanks to my father whom i got this hair color from). But anyway, if it was indeed one root cause of hairloss then i’ll probably be bald now for daydreaming too much since i hit puberty. hehe. Some of my friends will get alarmed when i stop talking and just looking blankly into spaces and they will jolt me back to the real world and ask me if am ok, little do they know that am silently cursing at them for such uninvited disturbance.

anyway, am a simple person with simple dreams in life. a house and lot at the suburbs, a resthouse by the beach, a Z3 car (which upon seeing lots of it being driven around in Dubai, made me think that it looks like a dwarf’s shoe), a twice a year vacation out of the country and about 3 dogs to care for (labrador, gold ret and a great dane). see? am really very simple…. that’s why it’s called day “dreaming” right??

anyhow, i went to the hospital earlier to have myself poked and prodded upon and well, very interesting occurences happened. so i had a 1200 appointment with the doctor, there was an eastern european lady who was already there when i got there. after 30mins or so, a local lady walked in and was speaking arabic with one of the nurses then she sat beside the european lady waiting for the doctor to arrive. i was told by one of the nurse that the doctor just went to see a patient confined in the hospital for a bit and will be back soon. when the doctor came and went to her clinic, the local lady got up and followed her in there. WHOA!!!!!!!!! not fair!!!!!!! the european lady came first and so did i. it’s just right that the european lady be treated first before the local lady. most of you might know by now that “racism” just ticks me off, BIG time. so i gave the nurse a piece of my mind – “she (referring to the european lady) came here first and got an appointment with the doctor at 1115. it’s already 1215 and i got an appointment by 1200, how come the local lady gets there first before her?” and the response of the nurse was – “the lady is the owner of the hospital”. since i’ve already gotten myself in that mess and well, my ego was a bit burnt by her response so i retorted back – “then what is the point of making an appointment if it’s not going to be followed???” as luck would have it, the nurse was not able to say a word and somehow, i can sense that the nurse thought that i got a point. hehehehe. but still, i was so close to getting my ass kicked out of that horrendously overpriced hospital for not being able to keep my piehole shut. if not for the fact that the doctors there are the only ones who can diagnose what’s wrong with me with just some flashlight poking inside my mouth, i would not have gone there. but well, i have tried to go to a cheaper hospital and i’ve wasted few hundred dirhams on doctor’s fee and medicines which didn’t cure me. so i just kept on going back to belhoul specialty hospital since the doctors there know what they’re doing and well… almost worth your money. the visit earlier cost me AED1010.00, for 3 tests done on me plus the doctor’s fee. i swear i almost fainted when i got the receipt from the cashier. but well, in 10days time, i’ll be able to know what really is wrong with me so i guess it’s all worth it. it has to be. :p

i have had a lot of things in my mind lately that i am living a really chaotic world right now. i think that my life is not mine if everything’s under control. it has to be a whirlwind of a million things happening in one second. if my life is under control then i am not keeping up with it and will be in a deep trouble as a result. oh well…….. anyone wants to trade places?

right, so am not making any sense – not that i have been making sense on my previous blogs. but anyway, i need to join the rest of the UAE in la la land….

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