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August 19, 2010

you give them the wine list of the resort they will be staying at, you advise them that yes, the property can provide a personal trainor for them at their gym during their 4-day stay there as they have requested, you give them the menu of all the restaurants inside the property, you tell them that the transfers that you will provide for them will also be able to give them a tour around the city for FREE and yes, you managed to get an approval from the property to allow them to check in at 7am (since their flight arrives early) even if the check-in time is strictly at 2pm. you do all these things for them and yet, they tell you that you are useless and incapable of doing your job right as you don’t know anything about the property since you needed to check the website, search on the internet, call the supplier and even tried to call the hotel directly to get all the information they needed (and no, they will not give you credits for all these efforts you’ve exerted). and if you do as little as advising them to double check with the consulate if they need any vaccination formalities prior to arrival since the information you have on your system is not updated on a timely manner, they will definitely wreck havoc and scream and curse at you because they have paid for your services and you are expected to maximize every single fils that they have spent. oh dear Lord!

sometimes, i feel like asking myself if this is really what i have signed up for 3 years ago. do i really need to deal with these kinds of people on a daily basis just to earn my keep? do i just let them curse, threaten and scream at me because as a customer service agent, i’m supposed to keep my composure and let them abuse me in any way they can since they are after all, customers and thus always right? am i supposed to bend backwards everytime they demand something very unreasonable from me? and when i manage to get them their unrealistic demands, the words “thank you” are never really that easy for them to blurt out.

the thing is, they are our customers and in their hands lie our business. they have the capacity of turning your innards inside out just because they know that they are your customers and you’re supposed to give them everything they want and if you don’t, they threaten you of writing a complaint to your management and making sure that you lose your job. and because you’re an expat who really has no rights whatsoever in a foreign country you will be scared that you might and will lose your job, the job which puts food on your table and probably on your family’s table too back home – and because of this fear, you will try to kiss their asses just so you could keep your job which gives these people more control and power over you. i’m fed up, seriously i am. i’m fed up of being threatened, being cursed, being screamed at by unreasonable people who can’t understand the meaning of RATES ARE NOT GUARANTEED UNLESS RESERVATIONS ARE MADE AND FINALIZED (no seriously, must i make sure that the person i’m talking to have a PhD for him/her to understand that simple sentence so that when they come to buy their tickets and find out that the taxes have increased they will not have a very violent reaction?)… because the last time i checked, we’re all human beings and human beings aren’t really supposed to act like animals. we are of a higher kind of species who’s got the capacity to learn some values and etiquettes. well apparently, some people doesn’t have that (and most of them are here in Dubai, beware!)

but don’t get me wrong, i love the company i’m working for, it’s just that the clients are most of the time – well, evil (lack of better adjective which suits them the most) who are out there to just ruin everything for you.

i have some really good clients though but they are of very rare kind. if the fingers of your two hands aren’t enough to count them all, then you are very lucky.

oh well, life of an expat (or OFW however you want to call us) is not at all easy. everything we have right now is tangible, with just a flick of a finger it can go away faster than you can blink your eye. it’s not at all easy.

i’m feeling homesick. 🙁

(yeah after 3 years of living here in Dubai, for the very first time – I. AM. HOMESICK.)

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