I have been writing all my life. It was at first journal entries, the “Dear Diary” sort of thing. When I look back on each entries I’ve made in this colorful notebook and as I checked the little trinkets I have attached in lieu of each entries, I noticed that I am actually holding a testimony that I have lived my life completely. I was happy as a child, I was happy as a teenager and I am happy in my 20s. The writings started when I was in Grade 3, most of the entries were just about school, friends and my dog. I laughed out loud when I came across this entry;

“January 1, 1993, Happy New Year!!! Lola bought me a box of lusis and watusi for new year. Kaya inggit sakin sina joy, pero binigyan ko naman sila kasi sobrang dami. Naisip ko, pag yung box ng lusis sinindihan ko sa loob ng bahay pwede talaga masunog ang bahay namin sa sobrang dami. Kaya binigay ko na lang yung iba kina joy. Si Bonnie nasa loob ulit ng bahay. Duwag kasi sa putok. Hinabol ko siya ng lusis kanina, nagtago sa ilalim ng sofa ayun na-corner ko tuloy siya. hahaha! Naawa naman ako pagkatapos kaya pinakain ko na lang siya ng ham. Tulog na ako, baka bumalik si Sta. Claus.”

Yes, as a child, I did believe in Santa, for the longest time. I was laughing so hard when I read that entry and thought about my happy childhood. I was never neglected as a child, everybody loved me. I’m just so lucky that I have a loving family to dote on me. As I grew up, the subject on these entries changed. It’s a positive indicator that I am indeed becoming a woman, more matured and confident. 

Writing relieves me from stress, it’s where I pour out what I feel and it has been a secret most of the time, not until weblogs came into existence. I never really knew that I have a gift in writing, actually I don’t really think that I have a right to write. So it’s always a surprise for me whenever I receive fan mails of some sort. Haha! I get messages from people who, most of the time I don’t really know. Messages stating that they enjoy reading my blogs, or they can really relate to it etc. etc. But the messages which strikes me most are those telling me that I have, in one way or another touched their lives by reading my blogs. It surprises me big time, since these blogs are just an outpour of my wonderings, intended solely for my personal well-being. Haha! I never really knew that I could have an adverse effect on somebody else’s life. The most recent and the best fan mail I have ever received came from an exquisitely eloquent woman, who I believe is a better writer than I am. So it really is an honor to receive such compliments from this wonderful person who I will keep anonymous not until she gives me a go-signal that I can actually disclose her identity. 🙂

Hi Noems,
For the past year, one of the things I look forward to in my day is checking my friendster account. Did I ever tell you that your pictures are one of the things I look forward to? I see this very beautiful and articulate lady whose beauty radiates from within. I especially like looking at your pictures. You have a certain look that allows me to smile too. You are very charming and secretly,I envy your posture.hehehe!
Especially with 6 weeks left and clock ticking before my due date comes, I have this really bad posture. Could you blame me? I’m carrying at least 25 pounds more right now.
Just letting you know that your pictures brighten up my day, and I enjoy reading your blogs.
With your talent, charm and intelligence, you are destined to rise above anyone else…. and I know you can make it.
For now, You are my happy lady.

I am someone else’s happy lady and believe me, these words coming from someone like her is such a big deal. It really made my day. Suddenly, the headache caused by lack of sleep was replaced by a feeling of something greater than being happy. Euphoria maybe? Thank you for such compliments and for making my day perfect. From now on, I will live upto that title; HAPPY LADY or better yet – EUPHORIC LADY, but it sounds too obscene. I’ll settle for HAPPY LADY instead. 🙂


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