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Happy Easter!!!

April 11, 2009

If there is a place worst than hell itself, I may probably have been there for the last 2 weeks. I was on the verge of losing my wits from all of the horrendous situations I have gotten myself into and for all the bad lucks life handed over to me on a silver platter complete with the caviar and all. On top of all that, work is a total mess and well let’s just say I need to manage to sell at least 2 packages worth 20k each for the next errrr…. 2 weeks? to get me back on track. I wonder when this crisis will ever end so we can all go back to the la la land that we all knew before all these shenanigans happened.

I am finally moving out of my current flat and will be leaving with an equally crazy girl (if not crazier than i am) – KiKi. And don’t get me started with all the things we’ve gone thru to finally find a decent and affordable flat with a reasonable value for money. So yeah, I am finally moving out. It’s a little over our budget, no make that WAYYYYY out of our budget but thanks to my impulsive nature – we gave a downpayment without even thinking of the pros and cons. That’s me and my very good shopping skills (or the lack thereof).  But with KiKi’s very good bargaining skills, she managed to bring the price a couple hundred dirhams lower and trust me, it definitely makes a HUGE difference. Well, thinking back about it… after all  of the places we’ve seen, that was the only place which is worth paying that much. All the others are horrendously overpriced and does not live up to its par value. I mean come on!!! 4000 for a room which can fit 2 beds and one cupboard with a bathroom to share with 12 other people???? Seriously?

My pimples are now clearing up, thanks to my parental  units who sent me a package with all the facial hoobalous which apparently suits my skin best. Am not rich, but my skin feels like it that it needs to react well in only one brand of facial products – and that brand can never be found here in the UAE and has to be shipped from the US.

My weight-gaining problem is now being sorted by a very very strong will-power and self-control. I weighed myself earlier and it put a smile on my face.

Work is still chaotic and talking to people from different parts of the world made me realize that my situation is far less chaotic than what my other friends are having. For a moment there, I forgot that am a Filipino and being one I should be more sturdy than they are and not worry too much about things which are not yet happening – we’ve survived 333 years of Spanish colonization, what more this teeny bitty crisis? I’ll just worry on that when heaven and earth finally decided to bring me down.

Chubby is on his way to Indonesia right now to meet the girl of his dreams. Lorenz is getting married on May and is feeling a bit frantic about it because of some unsettled issues. Alex is having a bad headache on his pre-nuptial agreement. Sandy can’t decide which color goes well with her black-wedding-motif, red or gold? Cai is having some tough decisions on which international school she will send her 9-yr old child to. Miguel can’t decide which girl she wants to marry. Christina is on her second honeymoon and is being pissed because it’s raining so much in Seychelles right now. And finally, I am fixing my papers for my own marriage…. just because I want to be doing the same things my friends are doing right now – messing up their minds due to family/relationship (future or current) issues…….. Just kidding, but we never know. Do I hear wedding bells???? a very faint sound i suppose. hakhakhak.

So I am a bit back on track. Broke but ok. :p

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