Happy 2010!

Saying that my new year’s eve was a blast is an understatement. I’m just not very sure if it was the cosmopolitan or the scotch and coke that I drank that night which made it the best party that I have ever been into. Nonetheless, it was really great!

We started the night at Grand Millenium Al Barsha to have a few drinks to kick start this event; a warm-up drink for our liver. Haha! Then off we went to Barasti in Le Meridien Mena Seyahi to attend the Winterland party (Dress code: WHITE but if your dress tag is colored white they will also let you in). It was priced AED150 per head inclusive of one food stub which is not that bad because drinks in Barasti aren’t that expensive anyway and seriously, I’m not going to pay AED500 for an all-inclusive party at the eardrum-blasting HIVE or AED750 for an all-inclusive party as well in Nasimi beach in Atlantis. I’m not a drunkard, 2 drinks and I’ll be all over the dancefloor gyrating like a fool. So I really don’t need to spend AED500 to enjoy. I am very easy (and cheap) to please.

just a part of the venue….

The venue was expecting about 7,000 people to attend this event and I do believe they reached it. The long queues for the toilet can attest to that. I spent about an hour to get myself inside one of the two toilets available on the beachside area, thank goodness we were able to get out of it 15mins before the countdown started.

3-2-1-0 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! I was expecting a fireworks display from Barasti itself but of course they just took advantage of the fact that they are opposite the Atlantis hotel which will have their own fireworks display. Nevertheless, it was awesome! I also have to stay that it was the night when I was able to kiss (cheek-to-cheek) the most number of random men who I really don’t know. Everybody was on a festive mood and was just hugging and kissing each other. Haha.

After all these festivities and when everybody left except me, the boyfriend and the boyfriend’s brother I announced that I need to be fed. So off we went to one of the food stalls inside the venue and got ourselves a deep-fried calamari which is still swimming in its own cooking oil. The boyfriend being a pseudo-health-conscious-freak refused to eat the calamari but gave up when I heard his stomach rumbling. Here’s a thought: why do we always feel very hungry after drinking?

choose your poison…. it was the second round of drinks and yes there was a third

That night, no more than 2 seconds after my back laid flat on my bed – I was snoring and drooling.


Woke up at 930am with a bad headache, blacked out and woke up at 1230nn feeling better. We went to Jumeira Beach Residence to have brunch and were supposed to be met up by KiKi and Deny to go to Nasimi Beach New Year’s day party in Atlantis hotel, but then again it rained.. not only that, but in Jumeira beach road area it was a hail storm. Haha. With no other choice we went to Madinat and enjoyed the cool weather at the al fresco bar – Barzar. Mojito was the poison I chose for the night but we never really stayed very late since I need to work the next day and do the morning shift. Boo hoo.

I was drunk that night.


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