Grrrrrrr (25Apr08)

I seldom talk about my private life (dating) to anybody. No, let me rephrase that – I NEVER talk about my private life. Why? No idea, just not my style.

But this, which happened last night – I just had to vent it out or I will explode.

I’ve said several times that whenever am single I am always drawn towards the jerks which as per Chubby (don’t ask me why am taking advices from a single man who’s got some issues of his own :p) is such a cliche. He’s heard this statement from a lot of women. (eavesdropping on women’s conversations over coffee happens to be his hobby). And I don’t want to be one of them. Last night I realized that I need to be jerk-proof.

I just got stood up last night. There, said it. Out for the whole world to see. As shameful as it is but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been stood up by the same asshole for 4 times. 4 f*cking times! Understood and accepted all his excuses for the previous 3, but what happened last night was unacceptable and i had to have my limits. (like i wasn’t being stupid for the first 3 times). Well….. why be stupid? I probably like him. Yeah yeah! Judge me now, all of you.

For the first 3 scenarios, he did inform me beforehand. But last night, he didn’t even bother. So I decided I am not going to wait for him to let me know that he’s cancelling the plan once again. By 6pm, I was already making new plans for myself. Technically, it’s me being a bitch – making new plans before original plan is cancelled – but something tells me not to keep my hopes up. So yes, made a plan with marissa and honey for dinner then night out afterwards with denden and monmon. Tried to have fun, but I was still pissed that he didn’t even had the decency of cancelling it this time.

By 11pm, I was furious. Received an sms from him which says:

Sorry sweetie. Having meeting with housemates since 8pm regarding moving villa. Im tired of trying to find a place 🙁 sorry.

I swear I did a very good job from keeping myself from replying FUCK OFF to him. Instead replied back – unacceptable excuse. Then no reply from him.

Great! Just great!

I need a breather……


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