Greek Holiday Is Over. Boo Hoo.

Dinner with the Greek family.

I’m back in Doha. Can you feel the sadness in that sentence that I just typed?

I had such a great time in Greece with The Greek Mister’s family (pictured above) and friends that it nearly broke my heart when I left his parent’s house yesterday in Thessaloniki. I had to hold back my tears as I hugged Manna (mother-in-law) goodbye. Needless to say, it was the best Greek Holiday I’ve ever had – mainly because this time, I was more acquainted with all The Greek Mister’s friends and family. I was just getting to know all of them during my first two visits in Greece so now that I know them all better, I am more relaxed around them which in turn of course made me enjoy my stay with them even more. Of course, learning their language helped a lot as well. I am no expert yet in speaking Greek but if I know the topic of the conversation – I can somehow understand what’s happening and what’s being said. Spending time with most of them increased my Greek vocabulary specially when The Greek Mister’s 7-yr old niece clung onto me for the whole duration of our 7-day trip to Alonissos. She taught me how to count 1-10 in Greek, some Greek children’s songs and some games. I think if I stayed with her for a month I would’ve been really fluent in Greek but probably very tired too. That kid is so hyperactive that I somehow have to thank my inability to speak fluently in Greek because that’s the only time that she’ll leave me by myself – when she gets frustrated of me when I can’t understand her.

I love my extended Greek family and I’m not even saying this to be in their good books because most of them doesn’t read my blog and even if they do, they wouldn’t understand it too. Except maybe for the cousins living in Holland who I found out are an avid readers of my blog (Yassou Katerina and Stavros!). They are exceptionally hospitable, welcoming and treats me like I’m really a part of their family. Never did I feel like I”m an outsider when I’m with them. Before getting married to the Greek Mister, I was ready to have a nagging Greek mother-in-law which is the popular stereotype. It wasn’t the case at all though. My Manna is such a sweetheart and I couldn’t have asked for a better mother-in-law. Having raised two sons, she’s quite excited to treat me like the daughter she never had. She would fix my hair and do my make-up before I go out, she would shape my eyebrows (much-needed) and she even asked me if I wanted her to do my pedicure which I think was too much and I didn’t want to push my luck much further so I declined. Lol. You’d think that I’d get sick of all the doting and attention she’s giving me but I kind of like it. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she herself gets tired of it. We’ll see who can outlast who.

So now, I have a loooong list of things to do – posts to write, emails to reply, comments to reply and photos and videos to edit and a load of laundry. :p I don’t know how the traveling travel bloggers do it – update their blogs while they’re traveling including their social media accounts. I can’t even keep up with instagram, snapchat and facebook – let alone writing a whole blog entry in real time with edited photos and videos. I have like a million photos to sort out and edit which came to me as a surprise. I didn’t expect to have that much photos and videos since I forgot my gopro camera here in Doha – my heart sank when I realized that I have forgotten it. I had imagined all the things I would capture and how I would do it with my gopro camera – only to realize that I left it in Doha when I switched my handbag the last minute. I think forgetting it is a blessing in disguise though. Imagine if I had it with me, I’d definitely have double the amount of photos and videos that I currently have now.


Thessaloniki. That’s the Greek Mister on the left and his friends on the right. :p

I will be running this blog back to its normal schedule. I still have some US blog posts that I have delayed from posting while I was traveling. So in the coming days, I’d have both the US and Greek holiday blogs posts to schedule. Hopefully, someone out there is still reading my entries. 🙂


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  • R September 17, 2015 at 17:52

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Mitzie Mee July 23, 2015 at 07:04

    Yassou (??) and welcome back. A MIL who would do your hair, make-up and pedicure? Wow, seems like you’ve won the MIL-lottery:):)

    • Pinay Flying High July 23, 2015 at 23:47

      Either that or she’s planning to set up her own salon and she’s using me to practice her skills. Lol.
      Yassou – hi and goodbye. :p

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