Thessaloniki, Greece: Breakfast Coffee with a view at Les Zazous.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

I have been to Thessaloniki three times now and yet, I have not fully discovered the city where The Greek Mister is from. Taking me around the tourist spots in his city is such a burdening task for him which he successfully declined everytime I ask him to. His tactic is to bring me somewhere else – like the nearby beach town and mostly revered to by residents of Thessaloniki to be the most beautiful place on earth – Chalkidiki. I can’t really say that I am on the losing end since I would definitely much prefer the beach than the city.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

The relaxed bar area of Les Zazous.

The last time I was in Thessaloniki, we had a free day to explore the city before heading off to the beach. Again, The Greek Mister declined to show me around but it was my Mother-in-law’s intervention which made him agree to at least have our morning coffee outside for once. This is one of the reasons why I love my Mother-in-law, she’s always taking my side. She even suggested that we have it at Les Zazous as she knows I’m addicted to the sea and this place offers a stunning view of it. So the next day, we went there and I was astounded!

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

That view!!!

I wasn’t expecting such a fancy, trendy and modern restaurant/bar/cafe in Thessaloniki as I’ve been used to going to the more down-to-earth tavernas dotted across the city and the whole of Greece. I suddenly felt extremely out-of-place with what I was wearing – (short and a shirt). If I had known how trendy it would be, I would’ve prepared for it accordingly – I’d probably even put a bit of lipstick even if it’s not really a norm for me specially in the morning.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

City view from Les Zazous

Les Zazous offers a modern dining experience – it’s huge with several areas for you to choose from depending on your reason of being there. Oversized and very comfortable couches for lounging and cocktails, high-table and high-chairs if you’re there just for a drink and normal tables if you’re dining. Soft house music plays in the background which sets the ambiance to an even higher scale of sophistication and class. I normally hate such pretentious places but Les Zazous remains to be a relaxed place without trying too hard to be high-end.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

I love the design of the whole place.

If you ever find yourself in Thessaloniki and you’re up for something sophisticated with a relaxed ambiance, head on to Les Zazous and admire the views of the city from there.

Les Zazous Thessaloniki
Themistokli Sofouli 108
Thessaloniki – Kalamaria
Tel. 2310420600

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  • Navigating Dad August 9, 2015 at 02:58

    I’ve been to several Greek ports but as crew member it is always hard to find the perfect timing ashore exploring and visiting whatever there is to see. enjoy your travel and continue flying high 🙂
    Navigating Dad recently posted…Mariners’ Court CebuMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High August 9, 2015 at 20:21

      It must’ve been frustrating to be in those beautiful islands and yet, not be able to explore it fully. :p

  • The Weekend Traveller August 7, 2015 at 11:49

    I am a sucker for restaurants with a nice view, plus points if they have a sea view and perfect 10 if they have good coffee and good wine. I am tempted to look for travel options to Greece because of your blog.

    • Pinay Flying High August 7, 2015 at 11:51

      Yes for a nice view, yes for a sea view and yes as well for good food and drinks! Those are my criteria as well of a great restaurant. 🙂
      Ohhhh should be good! I’ll be waiting for your posts of your Greek holiday. 🙂

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