Thessaloniki, Greece: Breakfast Coffee with a view at Les Zazous.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

I have been to Thessaloniki three times now and yet, I have not fully discovered the city where The Greek Mister is from. Taking me around the tourist spots in his city is such a burdening task for him which he successfully declined everytime I ask him to. His tactic is to bring me somewhere else – like the nearby beach town and mostly revered to by residents of Thessaloniki to be the most beautiful place on earth – Chalkidiki. I can’t really say that I am on the losing end since I would definitely much prefer the beach than the city.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

The relaxed bar area of Les Zazous.

The last time I was in Thessaloniki, we had a free day to explore the city before heading off to the beach. Again, The Greek Mister declined to show me around but it was my Mother-in-law’s intervention which made him agree to at least have our morning coffee outside for once. This is one of the reasons why I love my Mother-in-law, she’s always taking my side. She even suggested that we have it at Les Zazous as she knows I’m addicted to the sea and this place offers a stunning view of it. So the next day, we went there and I was astounded!

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

That view!!!

I wasn’t expecting such a fancy, trendy and modern restaurant/bar/cafe in Thessaloniki as I’ve been used to going to the more down-to-earth tavernas dotted across the city and the whole of Greece. I suddenly felt extremely out-of-place with what I was wearing – (short and a shirt). If I had known how trendy it would be, I would’ve prepared for it accordingly – I’d probably even put a bit of lipstick even if it’s not really a norm for me specially in the morning.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

City view from Les Zazous

Les Zazous offers a modern dining experience – it’s huge with several areas for you to choose from depending on your reason of being there. Oversized and very comfortable couches for lounging and cocktails, high-table and high-chairs if you’re there just for a drink and normal tables if you’re dining. Soft house music plays in the background which sets the ambiance to an even higher scale of sophistication and class. I normally hate such pretentious places but Les Zazous remains to be a relaxed place without trying too hard to be high-end.

Les Zazous, Thessaloniki, Greece

I love the design of the whole place.

If you ever find yourself in Thessaloniki and you’re up for something sophisticated with a relaxed ambiance, head on to Les Zazous and admire the views of the city from there.

Les Zazous Thessaloniki
Themistokli Sofouli 108
Thessaloniki – Kalamaria
Tel. 2310420600

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  • Pinay Flying High August 9, 2015 at 20:21

    It must’ve been frustrating to be in those beautiful islands and yet, not be able to explore it fully. :p

  • The Weekend Traveller August 7, 2015 at 11:49

    I am a sucker for restaurants with a nice view, plus points if they have a sea view and perfect 10 if they have good coffee and good wine. I am tempted to look for travel options to Greece because of your blog.

    • Pinay Flying High August 7, 2015 at 11:51

      Yes for a nice view, yes for a sea view and yes as well for good food and drinks! Those are my criteria as well of a great restaurant. 🙂
      Ohhhh should be good! I’ll be waiting for your posts of your Greek holiday. 🙂

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