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July 14, 2010

i don’t believe in fate, i don’t believe in luck and most certainly i don’t believe in what my zodiac sign says about what will happen to me on a certain day. i believe that everything that happens to us is the inevitable result of whatever actions we took beforehand. it’s not controlled by the stars or the moon or what celestial body is out there, there is an equal reaction for every action.

anyhow, a lot of good things are happening to me these days and i’m not really used to it. at some point, i may even start believing in luck because there’s no other plausible excuse as to why suddenly the whole of the universe is on my side right now. i don’t think i deserve to be getting all these things all at the same time, it just freaks me out. if there is such a thing as “luck” then i am the unluckiest person on earth, you might as well see a black cat following me around just to prove my point. so with all these good things happening around me, i’m afraid that one wrong move will make everything fall apart. and this one wrong move will cost me all the happiness that i’m feeling right now.

one of the many things that i am so happy about is the fact that i finally got my license from galadari. i passed the driving test on the second take to which some people take it 14 times and not even pass it yet (one of the girls that i was with when i took the test was on her 14th road test). why am i so happy about that you may ask? well, first of all.. the driving lessons here in Dubai are just too freaking expensive. all in all, i spent AED4560.00. i started the lessons last February and finished it July, that’s 5 months of getting up early just to take a morning driving lessons or running home in the afternoons to maximize the 1hr lesson that i have. and everytime you fail, you have to pay around AED760.00 for another round of lessons and the road test fee. so when the RTA instructor told me that i passed, all i managed to say was: “i’m sorry, what???” because i was so sure that i’m going to fail it once again since i’m not supposed to be that “lucky”. i got the driver’s license after an hour and i wanted to get it framed and put it on my wall and just look at it all day long. that will be the physical manifestation that the black cat may have stopped following me.

another thing is with work. i now know that i do have what it takes to climb the very steep corporate ladder of our company… i’m not in a hurry just yet since the opportunities are endless. one step at a time, it’s better to take it slowly so that when you fall, it wouldn’t be so hard for you to get up, brush it off and start climbing up again. but to know that you are worth something to your company is self-fulfilling.

as for the financial matters, well ok i’m still broke but i realized now that money isn’t entirely everything. you can’t rely on money alone to define how happy you should be. i currently have 200 dirhams in my wallet, some lose change and a zero balance account in the bank with 5-digit debt in my 2 credit cards and i’ve never been happier. so trust me, money isn’t everything. i now have to sort out the issue of how in the world i’m going to survive the days before the 26th of the month (payday) with the 200 dirhams in my wallet. but i know i’ll survive. i always do. 🙂

so now, i leave you something which is probably one of the many reasons why i’m broke:

a top i bought last month from Fxb Frocks :p

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