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July 27, 2011

As my stupid friend promised me, I already received the AED100 bet for that 30-day blog challenge. So hep hep hooray for me! I received it as a bank transfer and thank God for the Rate of Exchange because I got about AED5 extra. Hihihi. Not that it’s a big deal but it’s fun to know that I earned extra in that stupid challenge.

So anyway, the depression I’m going thru right now is far more serious than the usual. It’s probably the hormones (getting my period in 5 days as per my period calendar iPhone app) or maybe it’s due to the fact that I keep watching Grey’s Anatomy and patients dying makes me cry like a mad woman.

During daytime, I’m ok. I mean, I’m perfectly normal – laughing with my stupid colleagues at work but at night, when I’m all alone I will sob for no reason at all. I want to take a break. A long break. Like a 1 year break – from life itself. I’m crazy I know and ever since I came here to Dubai, I’ve been having these fits of quarter life crisis on and off. It’s probably the heat which is affecting me or the sand. I don’t know. Can anyone tell me that I’m going thru a perfectly normal phase of a mid-20s girl’s life with an overly dramatic existence on earth? I actually don’t know what I want anymore. I mean, all my life I’ve mapped out the life that I want to have and I am sort of already having that (traveling the world as a result of the job that I have to be exact) but I don’t know, I’m no longer happy. Is that normal? Is this just a phase? Or should I really consider listening to the voices in my head to take a break from it all?

On the other hand, the boyfriend is having a lot of good vibes in his way. I am very happy for him. Well at least someone’s getting life’s positive things and we’re not both doomed right?

Right, off to watch Grey’s Anatomy once again and cry my eyes out.

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  • Reply annray July 30, 2011 at 13:46

    I go through a lot of drama like that too… but a year-long break might be too much. A month maybe. Is it normal, well we both experience it so i think you are not an isolated case… question is… do you honestly consider me normal? breath in… breath out… you’ll be fine!

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