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September 12, 2011

Since it’s only less than a hundred days before Christmas and my birthday is also coming up, I believe it’s time for me to create my wishlist as early as now (just so you, my friends, will be able to save up for a gift for me! woot woot!)

1. Zumba fitness wii game – I couldn’t find the CD anywhere here in Dubai. Well ok, I’ve tried only Virgin and Plug-ins but none of them has it considering that those two are one of the biggest stores which sells these kinds of crap. I’m thinking maybe my sister can give it to me as a birthday gift when she comes here (hopefully) on November. Will you, my pretty ate???? 🙂

2. Iced gems – I had this weird craving for iced gems when I saw someone at the metro carrying a plastic-full of it. It’s this little biscuits with colored dried icing on top, I used to just eat the icing when I was a kid and throw the biscuit away. * grin *

3. Bee Cheng Hiang Chinese ham – I bought half a kilo of it in Singapore and now I wish I could have bought 2 kilos of each (beef, chicken and pork). I hope my friends in Singapore will find it in their hearts to buy some for me and have it sent to me here in Dubai. Otherwise, I’ll probably ask some of my passengers who are bound to Singapore to buy me some. 🙂


4. A small suitcase
– I am now tired of having to carry my shoulder bag whenever I travel (thanks to the boyfriend who carried it for me all around Greece from my previous trip hehe) so now, I have already made up my mind that I will be one of those people that I hate: bringing a small suitcase with them inside the plane and forcing it to fit at the overhead bin. I want something which is a handcarry size with 4 wheels, something like the below from Roxy (but this doesn’t have 4 wheels, but it’ll do :)).

5. Clear boxes – It doesn’t really matter what size it’ll be as for sure I’ll be able to find something to put in there.

6. Cheap sunglasses
– last February, I bought my very first “expensive” Rayban sunglasses. 3 days later, I lost it. I might be so used to having AED50-worth of sunglasses which noone dares to touch let alone steal, that’s why I was so surprised and heartbroken when I opened my sunglasses case only to find it empty. So now, no more sunglasses for me which is worth more than AED100. But please, for the love of all things shiny – not the one below. We don’t want myself to look like Lolita undergoing an identity crisis do we?

7. Big black bag – Just because I don’t have one.

8. Vinsanto wine – sure if you can smuggle it in Dubai from Santorini, why the hell not?

9. Make-ups – No particular brand but I do want to have a stock of my favorite L’Oreal Foundation (my shade is W8 :))

10. Bacardi rum
– Just because I want one. No need to justify it. :p

So there you have it folks! People who doesn’t have anything of the above will not be allowed to enter the party venue (for my birthday at least) and I do believe that you all will be carrying clear boxes as a gift for me. 🙂

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    […] for the cake! It would’ve been better if it was something from this birthday wishlist though. I’ll send my wishlist to all of you next year and you better give me what I want. […]

  • Reply T-roy September 27, 2011 at 20:24

    Chinese meat! lol But only i knew where to get it and how to send it!

  • Reply T-roy September 27, 2011 at 18:28

    jajajaja, funny! You might be the only person in the world that I know who ask for “Chinese ham” for their birthday! lol I keep my list simple; hookers, drugs or money for me 🙂

    • Reply Pinay Flying High September 27, 2011 at 19:36

      Well lucky you as you have all three of those handy from where you are right now. 🙂 So T-roy, which one is it gonna be (your gift for me)?. :-p

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