Getting sick on a holiday.

It started out as a cough and then I had fever, then the fever subsided but cough got worst. And just when I thought I’ve reached the maximum level of worstness of a cough, it even got worst. I was coughing my lungs out for the past 10 days and when I get a break from all of it, I’m afraid to take a breath because it triggers a series of non-stop coughing again. I can’t breathe when I cough and breathing makes me cough, I don’t really have a choice there do I? I haven’t been sleeping well because for whatever reasons, it all gets really bad at night. When the cough starts, I’d bolt right out of bed because I’d die choking if I don’t. I’m surprised that I didn’t develop ab muscles what with the number of sit-ups I’ve done those nights. On top of the cough, I would also have a very clogged nose, watery eyes and a body ache at night which makes it look like allergies in a more demonic form. It’s bad! Really bad!


Yay for Albuterol!


None of the meds worked for me, not even the antibiotics which was prescribed to me by a doctor. I guess they were also hesitant of giving me any antibiotics knowing that I don’t have an insurance here and the prices of medicines are quite steep. Finally though, on our last visit to the clinic yesterday, they gave me something quite different from what I’ve been taking. An inhaler. Albuterol to be specific. It’s one of those inhaler drugs asthmatic people have with them at all times. And this I tell you, it IS a miracle drug! The first puff stopped all the cough building up in my lungs while the second puff opened my lungs and for the first time in days, I was able to take a deep breathe without coughing. I now keep it by my bedside like my life depended on it because, if you think about it, it actually does.

I am now a renewed person with an inhaler in hand and last night after being able to sleep for 3 hours straight, I woke up with such an excitement. I only have a few days left for my holiday here and yes, this sickness ruined my schedule and made me miss on a lot of things. I was mentally planning the rest of my holiday last night, anxious if I’d still be able to do all the things that I planned on doing what with the few days left out of the holiday. * I hope! I hope!*

One thing I learned from this sickness though, I’ll never go back to the US during springtime as it makes me sick. My persona’s too dark that it’s even rejecting the idea of plants and trees going back to life. I can only go back during the fall or winter when everything around is dying or already dead. So much for a sunny disposition in life. :p


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  • annie lee June 6, 2015 at 10:27

    hahaha i’m sure it will still be fun even when everything is dying… i’m so sorry to hear that you fell ill during your trip! hope you’re feeling all better now! xx

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