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Future Mistress

January 14, 2009

Before anything else,  I just want to announce that Alex is finally getting married. Woo hoo!!!! In lieu with this, being the very good friend that I have always been to him, he asked me to go with him while he look for the best engagement ring. And because he’s not a cheap-ass like i am, he went to Cartier to look for an “extraordinaire” ring. I would have gone to gold souk for that but the future wife loves diamonds. Well, good news for my future husband then coz i really am not into jewelleries at all. So anyway, I was just outside the boutique looking thru all the displays and had to keep my mouth from gaping open as i see the prices of each. Who the hell would pay AED35,000 for a ring with a tiny bit of sparkling diamond at the center? Little do i know, Alex here is willing to do that. Just when the whole world is on financial crisis. Sweet! So, while i was looking at the displays Alex called me to check out the rings that was given to him as option by the shop attendant. Alex was being an ass as always and called me “sweet pea” in front of everybody because he knows that i hate it when someone calls me on mushy terms of endearment (honey, sweetheart, darling etc. etc.) in public places. So the attendant upon hearing that asked me – “so are you the lucky girl? future wife?”. To which i replied, “no, not me” and just looked at the rings on the black cloth in front of me. Then the attendant said, “ah! number 2?” and he just blurted it out like it’s the most common thing in the whole universe. So I was just laughing my ass off and could not say a word. Hahahahaha. Anyway, Alex bought a ring. And the amount of that ring can feed the a family of 10 for 2 years. Well, anybody who got offered with that amount of ring during a marriage proposal and declined it should be shot dead. So yeah, alex is getting married. And am the future mistress! Hahahaha.

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