From Thessaloniki to Pelion, From a City to a Paradise.

Pelion, Greece

I love Pelion. I do think it’s my favorite destination from all of the places we’ve visited during our last Greek holiday. It’s very laidback and absolutely gorgeous but what made it more special for me was how kind the people were. I’m glad The Greek Mister chose this place to be one of our stops for our 3-week holiday.

We departed Thessaloniki at around 2 in the afternoon, that was after a million hellos and goodbyes from his family who doesn’t seem to get tired of feeding me. I’m pretty sure I’d gain more weight after this holiday since at the very first day, I was already welcomed by the numerous tasty dishes from The Greek Mister’s family.

The road from Thessaloniki to Greece is definitely NOT the most scenic I’ve seen but coming from Doha which has nothing but buildings and a vast desert, it’s a welcome change for my eyes. The drive will take us about 4 hours which isn’t a problem with me as I love long drives as long as I’m not the one driving. Lol. Good thing though that The Greek Mister enjoys long drives too, as long as he’ll have a cup of his Greek coffee while on the road.

Thessaloniki to Pelion

There were a lot of toll gates that we’ve passed through though. I think we’ve passed through about 7-8 tolls which ranges from EUR1 to EUR4 toll fees.

Thessaloniki to Pelion

As we started our ascent towards Mount Pelion, the scenery becomes more promising. Take note that it was my first day in Greece so I was feeling like a little kid in Disneyland. Greece is a beautiful country and definitely my favorite among all the countries I’ve visited. Although I have been here for the third time now, it still gives me a euphoric feeling everytime I set foot in it. I would love to explore it in depth and going on a holiday there brings me such joy and happiness that only the kid in me can explain.

Thessaloniki to Pelion Greece

Greece is surrounded by water and I think that any place becomes more beautiful if there’s any kind of a water form in it. Be it a river, a sea, a stream or a falls – water for me brings more life to a place.Thessaloniki to Pelion Greece

We had a lot more stops on our way as we’re nearing Pelion. The scenery is something to be absorbed and not be missed. The Greek Mister may not be good nor keen on taking photos of a place but he sure is very patient with me when I want to stop for awhile to take photos and admire the stunning view in front of me.

Thessaloniki to Pelion Greece

As we entered Agios Ioannis beach where we’ll base ourselves for the next 4 days, the kid in me once again jumped for joy. The sea, the houses by the cliff and the tavernas lined up on the narrow street of Agios Ioannis – when combined all together, it creates a stunning imagery which would make you say “I’m finally starting my Greek holiday.”

Agios Ioannis, Pelion, Greece

“Do you like the place?” the Greek Mister asked to which I replied; “What do you mean I like it? I love it!!!!”

“Only the best for you. Only the best…” he said in a mocking way which he normally does whenever he thinks he made a good decision about anything. I’ll have to give it to him though at the time because look at the view from our hotel!

This Greek holiday is starting on a good note! 🙂


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    I did! Thank you. 🙂

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