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December 14, 2008

Am very picky when choosing friends. Lots of people will consider me one of theirs but more often than not, they may have not even scratched the surface of me considering them as one. Yes, I get along with a lot of people – am whacky, am crazy, am loud – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that if we’ve been together a couple times i’ll be considering you as one of my friends. Nope, it takes a lot more than that for me to really include you to my not so long list of precious people.Who are my friends? Those people who i really trust. Those people who gained my confidence towards them that they will be there for me no matter what. Those people who can tolerate my nonsense ramblings about my not-so-interesting life but who can lend an ear as well and probably offer a good advice during those rare moments when am being serious. Those people whom i share secrets with. Those people who were tested thru time and have accepted me for who I am not for who they want me to be. Those people who are not only there for you when you’re at your happiest but will be there for you most specially when you’re about to hit rock bottom. Those people who will never be leave me hanging. Those people who have put up with my terrible mood swings and still loves me despite of my intolerable tantrums at times. Those people who will scold me if am being unreasonable. Those people who can read my mind and already knows if i need some help to get me out of the deep shit to which am always in. Those people who i can have a fight with one day and laugh about how stupid we were for fighting over petty things the next day. Those people who knows the real me to the core of my being. Those people who knows that what they see on the surface may not be the reality that i feel deep inside. Lastly, those people who already knows that something is bothering me right now which entailed me to write this blog today.

I have some few great friends that I have encountered in the 25years of my life. And some few wrong choices as well.

As for great friends, Alex will top the list that’s for sure. He’s my alter-ego and my brother from a different set of parents. He knows me too well that it scares me.

Next to him was the greatest friend I’ve ever had. Am pretty sure that if she’s still alive right now I may not be here in Dubai, we’re probably somewhere in Europe pursuing our dreams to be ballerinas. But then again, I guess having us both here on earth is just too much. (I miss you Cai.)

Then there’s the SMC, the geekiest people I know. I love them all, for real. In a group of friends, there will be always someone who you can relate to the closest – but with SMC, i don’t have that. – I can relate to them all. They are the living testaments how much of my mood swings have changed compared to when i was in highschool up until now. (or have i??? :p) Conversations are outrageous, topic may vary from the most non-sensical to x-rated ones and a bit of politics as well (this is where Donesa’s name comes in, the political cat of the group). I’ve told them this once and i will tell this to them again – i may be having a blast here in Dubai but the happiness they give me is just oh so priceless. :p

It’s Honey’s genuine character which tops everybody off here in Dubai for me. She’s the ideal friend for everybody. She will go way out of her way to help a friend in need, you need not ask her for it – she will offer it to you right away, that’s how sensible she is. We immediately clicked the first time we met each other, not because we have no other choice but to get along with each other since it’s only the two of us Filipino girls in our batch, but it’s mostly because we have the same background. Both the youngest in the family, both spoiled rotten, both are sponsored by our mothers and both have the same wavelength of thinking. We despise and like the same set of people, she’s just more frank than I am. hahaha. Anyway, I love her to death. The turning point of our friendship may probably be during that hospitalization I’ve had here in Dubai. From that moment on, she made it to the list of the people I will never forget no matter what. 🙂

In lieu with this blog, yes… something is bothering me. And if you’re as observant as Alex, you may probably all know what it is. 🙂

Am already expecting his call tonight right after he reads this blog. :p

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