Dubai: A Legendary Friday Brunch at Legends in Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Friday Brunch, Legends in Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Last month, I received an invitation to try out the Friday brunch at Legends in Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht club. Since I have the boyfriend’s mother and aunt visiting Dubai, I thought it would be a great dining experience for them to try out the brunch in this city. Well alright, I’m lying. You don’t really need an excuse to say yes to a brunch invite so even without consulting the visitors, I immediately booked a table for 4. I called up the restaurant to reconfirm our reservation a day prior the brunch and I was advised by the very friendly restaurant reservations agent that everything is in order and she’ll see us at the brunch. So, yay for us!

The Friday brunch starts at 12 noon until 3:30 pm followed by a happy hour deal on selected beverages until 5:30pm. Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club is located in Deira right opposite Deira City Centre and within the grounds of Park Hyatt Hotel. I have always wanted to try their brunch but due to its location (I live in Al Barsha), I have always saved it for one of those “next times” which never really happens. We arrived at the restaurant at around 12:15 noon and found it quite empty so I was a bit nervous as I might have gotten the timings wrong. The receptionist informed us though that we were in time and that people normally arrive at around 1pm for their brunch, she was right because as soon as we’ve finished our first round of drinks – all of the tables on the terrace were occupied.


We were seated on the best table in the whole of the terrace with the sweeping views of the green golf course on our left and the serene waters of the creek on our right while a live jazz band plays soft tunes – all these create a very laidback, very weekend-y and very relaxed ambiance. The weather was perfect as well that day, not very cold and not very hot so the whole experience was incredible. The boyfriend asked me later that day: How come we have not dined in this place before? The only answer I can give was we didn’t know that the drive from Al Barsha to the creek will be worth it until now.

View of the golf course from the terrace.

View of the golf course from the terrace.

View of Dubai Creek from the terrace.

View of Dubai Creek from the terrace.

Oh and we're also overlooking the hotel's pool.

Oh and we’re also overlooking the hotel’s pool.

The food spread was equally great as well – the buffet tables were well-appointed and are located on the terrace as well as inside the restaurant itself. Even during the peak hours of 1-3pm, I never saw the buffet tables congested with people trying to get hold of their food as what I have experienced in some of the brunches in Dubai. It was a very organized brunch with restaurant staff all over the place manning each of the buffet tables to assist the diners. As Legends is a steakhouse, they do have a great selection of steaks. Apart from the food on the buffet spread, they also have a menu which can be served to your table – still on unlimited basis. Needless to say, I had a happy tummy and taste buds after the brunch.


If I had to choose a favorite amongst all of the food that they served, it will be a tie between the two:


Foie Gras – these are like little pieces of heaven. It was served on a bread crouton and a caramelized pineapple I guess, frankly I was too busy stuffing my face with it that I was not able to see what was served in between the fatty duck liver and the bread crouton. It tastes great though.


Snail with herb and garlic butter bread crouton – it’s my first time to eat snails here in Dubai. I was actually surprised that they even have it at Legends. I ordered it from the menu so it was served hot. I was quite disappointed that it was already out of its shell, I guess I enjoy eating it more from its shell. Yes, I’m weird like that. It tasted good but I probably would put a little more garlic in it.

The ratio of the restaurant staff to the diners is 2:5 which is good as we were all taken cared of very well. I never saw our glasses empty as it’s always been filled by the servers right away. Empty plates were taken off the table immediately so you can put a new plate with a new set of food. Of course putting a new plate with a new set of food is optional but since they’ve given me that option, I complied – several times. Lol. The buffet tables never ran out of food as well. So basically, they will try to spoil you at the same time satisfy your hunger for that day and possibly the next as well.

Will I ever go back for their brunch? Absofreakinglutely! The boyfriend’s last words were: This is probably the best brunch we’ve ever had. His mother and aunt told me to give it a score of 9/10, so yeah it’s 9/10.

Friday brunch at Legends:

AED 235 food and soft beverages
AED 370 with selected house beverages
AED 495 with premium bubbly
AED 85 for children between 7 and 12 years, children below 7 dine for free

They do have a voucher in Entertainer Fine Dining book. Two vouchers for main course and 1 for a Friday brunch.
Pork is served.

For reservations:
Call 04 295 6000

For more photos, please do visit my Facebook page: Friday Brunch at Legends Album
All photos are taken by yours truly with an iphone5.

Friday brunch at Legends,Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club


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  • Roy June 28, 2018 at 10:17

    The view from the creek is absolutely amazing, I was blown away by the scenic view from the creek the last time I visited!

  • Mitzie Mee February 6, 2014 at 20:35

    That buffet looks amazing! I’ve never seen snails at other buffets down here, but quite funny that I stumbled over your post, as a friend of mind from Holland has just asked, if I knew any places, where he could get those slippery little suckers:)

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