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Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

Have you ever faced a dilemma of not knowing what to order from the choices given to you on the menu? That feeling that you’d like to try it all if only you can eat that much without breaking the bank or your belt? Have you ever spent so much time going through the menu over and over again deciding which dish is worth giving up for like it’s a decision that will gravely affect your future? And lastly, have you ever left a restaurant and told yourself “I should’ve ordered the other dish (too)” with a heavy heart? I have been in all of those situations and trust me, it isn’t as petty as it sounds. I know, I know it’s a #FirstWorldProblem but please – admit it that at some point, you’ve faced this dilemma too.

Someone¬†from Four Seasons Doha must have faced this dilemma one too many times so they found a solution. Why not give the diners a chance to experience different sauce and different kinds of pasta in one meal? It’s also a great way to showcase all the in-house made pasta that Il Teatro restaurant offers. Hence, the Pasta Tasting Menu is created for the food-centric community of Doha.

Pasta Tasting Menu at Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

The Pasta Tasting Menu is a 5-course pasta meal which gives you a chance to get a taste of different kinds of pasta cooked with different kinds of sauces. I also thought of what you’re probably thinking right now, a 5-course meal of only pasta? Who can handle that amount of carbs? Il Teatro restaurant have clearly thought it through, portions are small and the sauces aren’t so heavy so the diners can go through the whole 5-course. Genius!

Pasta Tasting Menu at Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

I was invited to try it out together with 4 food bloggers in Doha. A small portion of amuse-bouche was offered before we started with rigatoni cacio e pepe scampo arrostito. It was agreed by everyone that it was good however we would definitely prefer to have it with more sauce. Chef Marco however had a very good reason behind that, he didn’t want the first course to be so heavy and cacio e pepe is a sauce very well-known for that. It makes perfect sense!

Pasta Tasting Menu at Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

Tagliatelle ai funghi came next which instantly became my favorite. I’m a very big fan of mushrooms and this dish comes with so much flavors of it. I can easily finish a whole serving of it, thanks to the pasta tasting menu I now know what I’m going to order next time I visit Il Teatro.

Pasta Tasting Menu at Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

Tagliolini al burro di malga e tartufo was our next plate and the black truffle flavor was intense which will probably give you some euphoric sensations if you’re into truffles. I know it’s probably a crime to admit this but I’m not a real big fan of it (*covers face with palm*, please don’t shoot me). I can only go as far as mushrooms when it comes to eating fungus, truffles for me are hardcore which is (economically) good if you think about it as I won’t have the craving for this really expensive and rare delicacy. I find its earthy and pungent flavors a little bit funky and my taste buds can’t handle it. The truffle flavor on this dish was toned down a bit by the buttery taste of the sauce. I finished my portion but I wasn’t as crazy about it as the rest of the people in our group (listen to them, don’t listen to me – I don’t know what I’m talking about).

Pasta Tasting Menu at Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

Our 4th plate was ravioli ricotta e spinaci al pomodoro fresco, loved the fresh tomato taste in the sauce and of course, there’s nothing better than a freshly made ravioli right?

Pasta Tasting Menu at Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

Last course brought us to seafood delight, maccheroni ai frutti di mare was served. I realized then that I have never ordered a maccheroni pasta before in a restaurant as I have always had long strands of pasta. The sauce on this dish was very seafood-y which again offered an entirely different flavor from the rest of the dishes served.

Not one dish was similar in this pasta tasting menu. Each course has a different flavor, different texture and will give you a different experience. It has a great variety and the menu was well-planned to give the diners the maximum pleasure of pasta tasting. It’s something different and unique, no other restaurants in Doha is doing it here. By the end of the course, we were all satisfied but not extremely full which is the good kind of dining experience is it not? But then complimentary dessert came, the warm chocolate cake with syrup oozing out of it was irresistible – I finished just half of it as I didn’t want to not be able to leave the restaurant for being too heavy to walk. I’m not complaining as it was really good and that’s saying a lot since I’m not really into sweets.

Pasta Tasting Menu at Il Teatro, Four Seasons Doha

Pasta Tasting Menu is available at Il Teatro Restaurant at the Four Seasons Doha everyday for lunch and dinner. It’s priced at QR190 per person for the 5-course menu. Appetizers, desserts and drinks are not included in the price.

Il Teatro
Four Seasons Doha
Tel No. 4494 8888

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I was a guest of Il Teatro to try the Pasta Tasting Menu however as always, photos are my own and opinion stated are genuine and in no way influenced.


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  • Trainswestcan2espano February 24, 2016 at 15:37

    Dined last night in a Malaysian Restaurant, menu was mainly Malay-Vietnam style. Thought it was good, but this makes it pale.

    • Pinay Flying High February 27, 2016 at 09:02

      Ohhhh I would love to have some MAlay-Vietnam food right this moment.

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